The Zimbabwe Advertising and Research Foundation on June 23, 2021 launched its first online Zimbabwe All Media and Product Survey (ZAMPS).

The research project which measures what Zimbabweans read, watch & listen to for news and information as well as products and services they buy has been conducted by different local reputable research agencies through the tender process, including Probe Market Research, Research International (now Research Bureau International) and now by Topline Research Solutions (TRS) since 2014.

We applaud our current research agency TRS, Patson Gasura and his team for having successfully pioneered the new look ZAMPS during COVID-19 era. The ZARF Technical Committee led by Mr Major Tikiwa reviewed and endorsed the data on 31 May 2021.The ZARF Technical committee is made up of research experts, industry leaders and statisticians.

ZARF’s work is continuing to grow in leaps and bounds. We are pleased that ZARF has sought to keep up with the times we are in.The first online ZAMPS which did not involve any face to face interviews was a step towards being relevant to current times.

The fact that you can now buy the full ZAMPS report online is another stride in keeping up with the digital age. We appreciate the fact that our team is forward thinking and committed to keep improving and being relevant to the times we are in.

ZAMPS’ quest to equip its stakeholders with decision making data has remained the key driver for the research hence its key objectives to help organisations understand their:

ZAMPS is now an FMCG, a basic necessity.  For the very first time, you will be able to buy reports for sectors of your choice, dubbed sectoral reports. ZARF prioritised the following key sectors in this new online ZAMPS;

What it means is that you can now purchase a report dedicated to a specific sector. We have made these in an a-la-carte approach, this means you give us the elements you want to zoom in on and the sectoral report will be availed as a bespoke offering based on your brief. Our research partner TRS will manage the sectoral reports while the full ZAMPS report will be available at the click of a button on the ZARF website selling page.

For years the deliverable was a 500+ pages A4 hard copy book with more than a million pieces of statistics. It was loved by many organizations and one would see the light green ‘bible’ on the desk of every marketer, advertiser, media executive, PR practitioners and other professionals.

The content was indicative of the fact that from the onset the ZAMPS(Zimbabwe All Media and Product Survey) research has tried to be everything to everybody including the academia.

Another new innovation is that for all product categories, consumers stated what they used during the period under review, we asked for category drivers i.e. brand choice criteria. These are new insights to help product and brand owners understand customer priorities particularly during the pandemic when life has been reduced to basics. 

Accordingly, going forward, ZAMPS will, among other things, serve as a COVID-19 impact monitor to identify products or brands that have emerged, died or thrived during the pandemic.

For instance, the era of physical newspapers seems to be fast disappearing whilst use of internet or digital platforms has suddenly become the norm for work, school, research, entertainment, news, shopping and advertising. ZAMPS will truly be a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) tool to help brands identify and understand what drives their success in the current environment.

Accessibility of ZAMPS online is a great advantage, as it will now be easy to export the product to regional & global organizations that have business interests in Zimbabwe allowing much needed evidence-based partnership discussions with foreign investors. We can pin-point where the opportunities are in our country without travelling abroad or entertaining visitors here.

At ZARF we have also embarked on exciting partnerships to augment our funding and operations. Should you have insights you need in the market, come and partner with us and leverage from our nationwide research. We anticipate the next dip to be in August.

ZAMPS was launched in 1998. The ZAMPS projects have come of age  gone through all sorts of turbulence.2020 was no exception, the onset of the COVID19 pandemic hit all our stakeholders hard and resulted in halted funding which resulted in the inability to produce a report in 2020.

We hope you will find the ZAMPS 2021 First Half results insightful. Please purchase the full report from the ZARF website on or the sectoral reports by contacting our office through the following two numbers, +263731168049 or +263771512782.