In commemoration of  Women’s Month, Women in Marketing (WIM), the ladies desk of the Marketers Association of Zimbabwe hosted The Wellness and Fun Day at the Old Hararians Sports Club.

The event was held under the theme BREAK THE BIAS, continuing with The Donate a Pad Campaign, an initiative started by the WIM CSR pillar in 2021.

The fun filled day was characterized by wellness activities which included tug of war, balloon race, relays, dance challenge to mention but a few. To encourage a spirit of competition, participants were grouped into different teams according to their colour tags.

In the course of the event each group was challenged to fill a plastic bin with as many pads as they could buy thus leading to the event raising 1 200 in a period of 3 hours.

The Fun Day was well attended with over 100 ladies and girls as well as corporates that were exhibiting their products. These included MedOrange ,Misfort Tax,Gunhill Medical Village, Inuka ,Cancer care and Population Services Zimbabwe to mention but a few.

The Population Services Zimbabwe team gave a presentation on the discomforts of menstruation cycle and how they affect a lot of women in different ways.

They also emphasized on the importance of parents teaching their girl child on menstrual health.

The Women in Marketing CSR Committee Chair, Caroline Dyirakumunda gave a short speech thanking everyone for participating and taking time to be part of such events.

“I’m really grateful to all the ladies who made it here today despite their weekend hustles and all, thank you very much. As the CSR Committee we launched this initiative last year when we donated pads to Chingwere Primary school in Mhondoro.

This year we decided why we don’t do it again but slightly different let’s include everyone and I want to thank all of you for supporting this. There are girls in the rural areas who are using leaves, random clothes and some are just walking with nothing to hold the blood so we have made this initiative to help them in the smallest ways we can,” said Dyirakumunda.

She went on to announce that the total pads donated on that day was 1200 pads which is a great achievement to the Women In Marketing who are still to decide where they will be  going this year.

The WIM team is grateful for the sponsors who made this event a success. These included Proton who sponsored the giveaways that had cake mix and cookies, T-shirts sponsored by Image Magic Corporate and caps and gym bags from Tram Graphics.

The winning teams were, Team Orange/White, who won the Overall challenge, whilst Team Purple won the Pad fill up Campaign. Everyone went away with gifts and those who won got their prizes for the challenges sponsored by Proton.