From time to time, MAZ conducts workshops and short courses on specific areas and topics. These programs are designed according to the industry skills demand and to fill the gaps caused by skills lag from the pace of business evolution. Workshops are open to all interested participants. MAZ also offers other forms of training workshops termed In-house training. These programs are offered exclusive to the requesting organisation. Workshops and In-house trainings cover topics which include:


MAZ delivers quality courses which can be tailored to match any business objectives, incorporating case studies and examples from the specific companies or businesses. In order to tailor make the trainings to the customer specific needs, our in-house training programs are always preceded by a need assessment exercise usually in the form a Mystery Shopping exercise which unearths the organization’s pain points.

The MAZ in- house trainings aim to take organizations back to the drawing board in as far as equipping every member of staff who is in touch with customers, with a customer oriented culture and paradigm mindset shift, that focuses on pleasing the customer for the profitability of the business entity.

Benefits of MAZ In-House Training

Courses will be designed by MAZ to meet your own organization’s needs and goals based on our pre-course consultation and in-depth needs analysis approach. This exercise also helps the training to focus on imparting participants with specific professional skills which can be applied immediately without needing to adopt further.

Performance Improvement
Our courses can produce major improvements in performance through raising morale, boosting productivity, speeding up the rate of change, or equipping your staff to deal with new challenges. Staff can reinforce one another in applying new knowledge – ensuring the organization acquires the tools it needs.

Current Trends
Our facilitators’ tasks include researching on current marketing trends which would help empower their trainees to be equipped to tackle market demands which are influenced by global changing trends.

Flexible and Confidential
The courses can be made as flexible as you wish to suit your team’s requirements and availability. In an in-house course, staff can discuss openly and confidentially issues specific to your own.

Training Needs Analysis
As a first step in every in-house training, MAZ conduct a Training Needs Assessment among the target trainees; this is done to evaluate the extent to which the training need area is being practiced by the targeted group. This exercise includes a Mystery Shopping exercise which obtains information which gives the trainer guide lines on areas needing more attention when delivering the training.