Held during the MAZ Annual Marketers Winter School. This year’s ACPD will run from 13 to 16 July 2022 at the Carribea Bay Resort in Kariba.

This is a three day upgrading and updating programme meant to consolidate marketers’ and related professionals’ knowledge and skills and also bring awareness of trending aspects of the marketing industry world-wide. With speakers drawn from different areas, local and beyond, this programme is a must for all practicing marketers. This program is the core of the MAZ annual Marketers Winter School event and is also a refresher for strategy formulation skills.

The ACPD program is comprised of 3 classes and participant are required to enrol for one of them. The classes are Marketing Practitioner, Sales Practitioner and the ACPD class. Participants of the first two classes focus more Strategic Marketing Planning and are given tasks to be completed and submitted within a month after the event. Those who succeed will be awarded with the Marketing Practitioner and Sales Practitioner status respectively.

Topics normally covered during the ACPD program are of strategic nature and trending skills or technics of the day.

Speakers include: