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ZimChartered Marketer Programme

The ZimChartered Marketer programme is a prestigious marketing status that is accorded to marketing professionals in and around Zimbabwe. The programme is done in partnership with Chinhoyi University of Technology, Bindura University of Science Education. It seeks to consolidate theory into practice through mentorship of a small to medium enterprise for a one year period.   It  seeks  to  expose  one  to  the  practical approach  to  marketing  rather  than  being  theoretical. Many local marketers have attained the qualification of being Chartered marketers in the United Kingdom or in the United States. This may be commendable but there is need to localise some qualifications such that they are relevant to the local business environment and local economic setting. Helping African SMEs to flourish is crucial not only for Africa but for the global economy, because it creates a growing middle class with disposable income, in tandem with market opportunities for new investors.

The criteria for one to become a ZimChartered Marketer, is as follows:

ZimChartered Marketer qualification:

  1. A minimum of eight (8) to ten (10) year broad practical marketing experience.
  2. A professional marketing degree or global equivalent in a marketing discipline that can be authenticated by an institutional authority and is recognized by the Marketers Association of Zimbabwe.
  3. Membership to Marketers Association of Zimbabwe

Benefits of becoming a ZimChartered Marketer are that you will have the privilege of attaining of a highly recognized Marketing qualification in Zimbabwe and beyond. The program addresses the need for marketing professionals to be credible and results oriented. This is also a platform for enhanced career prospects and is an avenue for continuous personal development in today's dynamic business environment. It offers practical marketing exposure blended with relevant theory.

Module covered under the theory stage are:

  1. Advanced Strategic Marketing 4
  2. Marketing Metrics and Emerging Trends 4
  3. New Media, (Digital Strategy) and Big Data Analytics 4
  4. Change Management and Leadership Management 4


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ZimChartered Marketer Testimonials

The ZimChartered Marketer is a highly prestigious marketing status accorded to marketing professionals in Zimbabwe, who would have successfully consolidated theory into practice through the mentorship of a small to medium enterprise (SME) for one year. The programme seeks to expose one to the practical approach of marketing rather than being theoretical. The mentorship program for SMEs is meant to enhance the candidate’s consultancy skills as they offer expertise and marketing solutions to an SME over a supervised period.

The ZimChartered Marketer is aimed at enhancing career prospects and serves as an avenue for continuous personal development in today’s dynamic business environment achieved through offering practical marketing exposure blended with relevant theory.

During the program, individuals go through an industry analysis, which they have to submit as a report together with the SME report. The reports are useful for the industry to understand the current operating environment.

The programme is done in conjunction with four of the country’s universities namely Chinhoyi University, Midlands State University and National University of Science and Technology.

Nomathemba Ndlovu, PHD Researcher Past General Manager, ZITF Company

nomathemba“Being a Chartered Marketer has cemented my career as a recognised multi-industry marketing specialist. Apart from the immense value it adds to my CV, the credibility that the professional title offers has opened doors to high-level Board appointments, speaking engagements and consultancy services. The tailored continuous professional development programmes have enhanced my skills base and kept me abreast of cutting-edge marketing concepts. I also value the opportunities to network with like-minded colleagues from various disciplines, which have yielded some fruitful collaborations.”

Patricia Chigwa Mutumha, Customer Experience Manager, Nicoz-Diamond Insurance

patricia"It gives me great pleasure to have successfully completed the program and be accorded the ZimChartered Marketer status. I hold this solid qualification in high regard after going through the challenging but very stimulating one and half years of theoretical and practical exposure to an industry that is different from what I already had experience in.

The greatest benefit of the program to me was much more than the professional qualification that I earned. It was the unique opportunity be consultant to an SME and see it transform in all aspects of its business. As consultant, I recommended to the business that it conducts an environmental audit as a starting point, which served as the foundation for its strategic plan. I also guided the business through the strategy implementation process by undertaking various initiatives and activities to increase its brand awareness, grow its customer base and revenue as well as strengthen customer relationships and improve customer satisfaction. With my support the SME was able to resolve most of the key issues that were uncovered during the environmental audit.

I am grateful to MAZ for such a wonderful program, I know that I now have all of the tools to be an even more impactful marketer. I truly enjoyed my time in the program and the investment I made there is changing my future for the better."

Shylet Baipai


Shylet Baipai is theNational Sales Manager at Garfunkels Private Limited. She has 21 years of experience in the field of sales and marketing gained in the chemical manufacturing, real estate and FMCG.

Her thoughts about the ZimChartered program, “I learnt that hard work and dedication are the only mantra to success. Mentoring the SMEs taught me to apply theory into practice, and the ability to introduce change and bringing revolution to every field, especially my SME and my workplace.

“I am now very competent in carrying out full scale gap analysis in my organisation, as well as how to close the identified gaps. I am now a well-rounded marketer who is aware of her strengths and weaknesses, both in my work and life in general. Being conferred as a Zimchartered marketer has added status and prestige to my profession.”

Baipai holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management Honours from the Midlands State University, an MBA from the University of Gloucestershire (U.K), a BBA from Preston University (U.S.A). She is also a ZimChartered Marketer and an affiliate Chartered Post Graduate (The Chartered Institute of Marketing, U.K)

Anne Mawere


Anne Mawere is the Marketing Executive for the Safeguard Group. She is an adjunct lecturer at Solusi University, PHD candidate with UNICAF University, Chartered Marketer and a Marketing Practitioner.

Her sentiments on the ZimChartered Marketer program: “It gave me the opportunity to formulate a focused marketing strategy for an organization in the beverages sector, which is operating in a volatile business environment.

“A lot of experience was gained through the reviews as we constantly tried to customize marketing strategies to suit the conditions at any given point in time. This required great effort and dedication as the changes were rapid during this period. A great experience for any aspiring strategist.”

Busisiwe Tutani


Busisiwe Tutani is currently the Sales and Marketing Manager for Montclair Hotel & Casino. She is a certified Marketing Practitioner who holds a hospitality management degree, an IMM diploma in Marketing Management and more recently was awarded the ZimChartered marketer status by the Marketers Association of Zimbabwe.

Commenting on the ZimChartered programme, she said, “I found this programme beneficial as I had to harness the skill of looking at things differently.  I was being trained to become a consultant, so I had to put on my thinking cap. The programme also ensured that I was constantly studying and researching on new trends and also sharpened my presentation skills. I also benefitted from the SME I was working with as I was given a platform to apply myself and be able to provide them with solutions to their problems. I would definitely recommend anyone to embark on the programme. Thank you MAZ for the great experience and the opportunity to develop my skills.”

Tanaka Curtis Nyakanyanga

tanaka“Having been based internationally for a while, before and after completing undergraduate studies, moving back to Zimbabwe I had my fair share of challenges navigating and executing strategies appropriate for clients operating in the local business environment. The ZimChartered Marketer path seemed a right fit for me, as not only did it consolidate theory into practice through mentorship of an SME, but it also exposed me to the practical approach to marketing in the local business environment, allowing me to localise my globally accredited qualifications such that they are relevant to the local business environment.

I have since managed to help more clients to flourish, better my service offering to the company and the clients we handle and work with, both SMEs and blue-chip companies, ensuring they remain competitive and continue to grow in the current dire economy.

I am now more able to show businesses the simplest way to see return on investment on their marketing efforts and increase their sales whilst reducing costs by holistic business and marketing strategies.

As someone who has chosen a career on the agency side and later consulting, not only did the program sharpen my brain on the current local marketing trends, which is key for any business success, but the value I can bring to any client has increased and can really count on their bottom line.

The program has helped address my need as a marketing professional to be credible and results oriented, providing a platform for enhanced career prospects and an avenue for continuous personal development in today's dynamic business environment by offering practical marketing exposure blended with relevant theory.

Daniel Chipato

imageDaniel Chipato is the Chief Sales Officer for Proton Bakers, a ZimChartered Marketer, holder the MAZ Marketing Practitioner Status, and a Marketing Degree from Chinhoyi University. He was the First Runner up Top Marketer of the Year for 2019 and got the same award in 2020

He had this to say :“ Enrolling for the ZimChartered Marketer program with the Marketers Association of Zimbabwe was one of the wisest decisions that l will forever be proud of. This was motivated by the need keep abreast of the current Strategic Marketing trends. Marketing is an evolving field, the digital space is growing and the consumer is becoming more informed thus marketers needs to keep abreast with global trends through well constituted programs like the ZimChartered Marketer qualification. Covering key modules such as Strategic Marketing, Big Data Analytics, and Marketing Metrics and Innovation the presentations from well experienced facilitators helped in diagnosing key marketing problems and were adequately applied on the SME Mentorship program. The SME mentorship program helped in developing a strong marketing culture for my SME and the relationship with them developed into professional consultancy thus benefiting myself and the growth of the SME. The application of the theory earned was immediately felt in current portfolio as l was able to improve in a number of areas including product innovations, strategic marketing and enhanced brand visibility. The results of this were business growth and recognition as seen through the scooping of both personal and individual awards during the Exceptional Marketers awards as well as Superbrand awards. I would recommend fellow marketers who have not taken up this program to do so and enjoy the professional benefits that come with this highly esteemed qualification from the Marketers Association of Zimbabwe”.


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