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Certified Business Leadership Program (CBLP)

This is an annual program designed to update senior business executives with current market and economic trends. It aims to help participants stay upraised with current information that will help them in decision making. The facilitators’ panel for this program was strategically constituted and is composed of well renowned business gurus in the country.

Target audience to benefits from this program are senior business executives, departmental and line managers, entrepreneurs, etc.

Topics normally covered include:

  • Zimbabwe Macro Scenarios – Analysis andUnderstanding
  • Marketing Leadership – Positioning self andbusiness for success
  • Corporate Governance and Board Etiquette – Trends in the global world
  • Positioning for Retirement andEntrepreneurship – Dos and Don’ts, Opportunitiesare vast
  • Business and Digital Transformation – A Mustfor every business/organisation
  • Leadership Soft Skills – It’s all aboutLeadership
  • Managerial Economics

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