What are the Exceptional Marketing Awards, EMA

Exceptional Marketing Awards, (EMA) were introduced by the Marketers Association of Zimbabwe, (MAZ) in 2012, to encourage and celebrate excellence and innovation across the marketing process within the business spectrum. These awards recognise organisations and people who have achieved outstanding success in their planning and implementation of marketing and related areas strategies, annually.

Criteria Selection

The first step is to come up with the criteria for choosing nominees per each category. The criteria used is stated by the adjudication team with respect to each award category. The adjudication team consists of marketing and media experts largely from the media industry who deal with marketing campaigns on a day to day basis.

Data Gathering & Analysis

The second step in the Exceptional Marketing Awards Selection is Data Collection. The data collection is targeted at all MAZ members and is conducted though an online survey, where MAZ invites its marketing members to vote. The questionnaires have a maximum of three choices per each category that carry different weights with respect to positions of vote. This online survey is accessible via the MAZ website and also is sent on email. For 2017, over 400 members submitted nominations through the online survey, which was an increase from the previous years.


From the respondents, a compilation for the top ten, (10) nominations per award category is done. The top 10 are compiled according to the number of mentions. In order to be considered for selection companies that have been nominated with the highest number of mentions are asked to submit their initiatives, campaigns, justifications for consideration by the adjudication team.

Adjudication of Results

After the research and the compilation for the top 10 per each category, the results are presented to the adjudication committees for final verification and endorsement to come up with the top 3. MAZ endeavours to keep the process independent as possible, and adjudicators assess the submissions to ensure that there is no bias in the process

Awards Ceremony

The final results are presented at the Annual Exceptional Marketing Awards held at the Marketers Convention.