By Innocent Mushamba

1. Thou shalt have no other focus than a clear strategic plan

‘Tis of utmost significance to possess a purpose in thy thoughts. Lay forth thy goals, identify quandaries, and align thy tools with thine overarching business goals. A steadfast foundation can aid in evading the tumultuous currents of boundless possibilities, staying resolute amidst the ceaseless expanse.

2.  Thou shalt not create a mere replica of the text presented to thee by ChatGPT and Bard

‘Tis of utmost importance to partake in original expression. ‘Tis thy duty to shun the allure of mere replication, wherein thou art tempted to mimic the very words and arrangement of the provided text. Instead, thou art urged to plunge into the unique profundities of thine own ingenuity and intellect, endeavoring to bestow value and singularity upon the discourse.

3. Thou shalt not belittle the might of data, for it holds great potency.

In the absence of data, A.I. and Martech are wholly nugatory. Quality data doth refine the accuracy and pertinence of these technologies, presenting valuable insights for targeted marketing endeavors.

4. Remember thine privacy and security, to keep it holy.

It behooveth us, as marketers, to ensure the safeguarding of our customer’s data. Assure secure access and adhere to the laws of data protection. The breach of trust with customers is disastrous, as it bringeth forth the loss of credibility and, consequently, the loss of both business and customer goodwill.

5. Thou shalt ensure transparency and explainability:

Verily, to ensure transparency and explainability in A.I., thou shalt establish guidelines that are clear, document models with thoroughness, employ algorithms that are interpretable, conduct audits, provide interfaces that are friendly to users, consider ethics, and diligently seek feedback for improvement. In so doing, trust and understanding shall be nurtured among users and stakeholders.

6. Thou shalt not abandon human touch

Automation hath might, but do not overlook the import of the human element. Strive for a harmony betwixt automation and personalization, ensuring that thy marketing efforts do resonate with the mark audience. The human touch can establish an emotional connection that even the most advanced technologies cannot replicate.

7. Thou shalt not yield to biases

A.I. models are but as unbiased as the data upon which they are trained. Thou shalt continuously monitor thine algorithms for biases, especially those tied to gender, race, or socio-economic backgrounds. Diversity and inclusion should be the foundation of A.I. and MarTech development, ensuring fairness in all facets of marketing.

8. Thou shalt evolve with the technology

A.I. and MarTech are ever-evolving realms. Stay updated with the latest advancements, best practices, and industry standards. Continuous learning and adaptation are essential to remain competitive and seize new opportunities that ariseth.

9. Thou shalt collaborate across departments

Break down organizational silos and foster collaboration across departments. A.I. and MarTech enable insights-driven decision-making, but it requires cross-functional collaboration. Encourage open communication, share knowledge, and cultivate a culture that supports innovation.

10. Thou shalt remain ethical

Ethics must guide the development and deployment of A.I. and MarTech. Do not exploit customer data, manipulate algorithms for malicious purposes, or engage in questionable practices. Uphold ethical standards, prioritize customer well-being, and use these technologies to create genuine value.


Quandaries: perplexities, difficulties, plight

Tumultuous current of boundless possibilities: getting carried away with endless options

Wholly Nugatory: null and void, utterly useless

Innocent Mushamba is marketing manager at No Walls Media, a creative advertising agency based in Zimbabwe and Zambia. He is a marketing consultant for local and regional brands and a MAZ Business Institute committee member.