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Tanaka Curtis Nyakanyanga

tanaka“Having been based internationally for a while, before and after completing undergraduate studies, moving back to Zimbabwe I had my fair share of challenges navigating and executing strategies appropriate for clients operating in the local business environment. The ZimChartered Marketer path seemed a right fit for me, as not only did it consolidate theory into practice through mentorship of an SME, but it also exposed me to the practical approach to marketing in the local business environment, allowing me to localise my globally accredited qualifications such that they are relevant to the local business environment.

I have since managed to help more clients to flourish, better my service offering to the company and the clients we handle and work with, both SMEs and blue-chip companies, ensuring they remain competitive and continue to grow in the current dire economy.

I am now more able to show businesses the simplest way to see return on investment on their marketing efforts and increase their sales whilst reducing costs by holistic business and marketing strategies.

As someone who has chosen a career on the agency side and later consulting, not only did the program sharpen my brain on the current local marketing trends, which is key for any business success, but the value I can bring to any client has increased and can really count on their bottom line.

The program has helped address my need as a marketing professional to be credible and results oriented, providing a platform for enhanced career prospects and an avenue for continuous personal development in today's dynamic business environment by offering practical marketing exposure blended with relevant theory.

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