The Superbrand concept is an international concept that has been adopted in Zimbabwe since 2009. It aims to identify brands that are performing above and beyond others within the market. This concept identifies and pays tribute to exceptional brands by recognizing, rewarding, and reinforcing leading brands, be they local or international brands it also gives ordinary customers an insight into the significant brands that touch their lives.

By definition, a brand that is deemed a “Superbrand” is a brand that has established the finest reputation in its field, offers customers significant emotional and/or tangible advantages over its competitors, which (consciously or sub-consciously) customers want and recognize. The Superbrand acknowledges the fact that for a brand to be deemed a Superbrand it requires the consistent management of the company’s values, beliefs and product quality – not just at the factory or head office – but wherever the brand touches a consumer.” The Superbrand awards are presented at the Annual Superbrand Awards Ceremony, which is the prime red carpet event for businesses in Zimbabwe.