The Annual Superbrand Awards hosted by Marketers Association of Zimbabwe are focusing on how brands visibility and dominant in light of the new normal which focuses on customer experience.

The awards set for November 25, at their traditional venue, the Harare International Conference Centre will be held under the theme ‘Brand Relevance and Dominance in the Age of the New Customer’.

“Our 2022 focus is on how brands can be relevant to the new customer as you are aware that customers are very dynamic these days because of different forces around them. These days’ customers have more power and more voice so we are trying to see how our brands can align to meet and satisfy the dynamic changes of this day customer.” said MAZ Executive Secretary, Mr Gillian Rusike.

Mr Rusike said; “for brands to excel it’s about being able to meet the needs of the customer, so it is about how the marketers and brand managers adjust their brands to meet the needs of the new age customers”

Mr Rusike pointed out how the Covid-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war had contributed to the shift on customer’s demand.

“A lot of this changed because of Covid, purchasing power, consumption patterns and the Ukraine-Russia war also affected the fuel prices, wheat prices henceforth changing the views of the consumer,” said Mr Rusike.

Guest of Honour at the event is Honourable Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services and Marketers Association of Zimbabwe Patron, Senator Monica Mutsvangwa.

He said the President of the Zambia Institute of Marketing Mr Mwewa Besa will be the Guest Speaker at the Superbrand Awards.

Mr Rusike highlighted that they invited Mr Mwesa to speak to Zimbabwean marketers on the opportunities availed by the fast growing Zambian market.

“There a lot of opportunities that the Zambian market can pause to our brands because the Zambian economy has shifted to better place. Zambia is one economy that is doing great so it will be an advantage for our local brands to have an engagement with the Zambian Market,” he said.

On the dress code, Mr Rusike said this year’s edition theme is ‘Oscars with a splash of colour.’

“Touch of colour symbolises life, happiness because we are happy that this year is coming to an end and we are looking forward to a happy festive season, so we decided the Superbrand be themed in that manner with a trajectory that everyone is into; the festive mood,” he said.

The Superbrand concept is an international concept that was adapted in Zimbabwe by the Marketers Association of Zimbabwe, in the year 2010. The concept aims to identify brands that are performing above and beyond others within the market.

The Superbrand awards seek to encourage brands to do their best and always be perpetually innovative, creative and engage with the customer.

A Superbrand offers customers and other stakeholders significant emotional and tangible benefits over its competitors, consciously and subconsciously.

Once critical element that makes the Superbrand awards lies in its process, brands undergo a thorough recruitment process by the consumers followed by consumer rating through consumer research and then an evaluation by the Adjudication team.

The Top 200 brands were unveiled in May this year and on the Awards dinner night, the top brands of the year will be awarded.