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Shylet Baipai


Shylet Baipai is theNational Sales Manager at Garfunkels Private Limited. She has 21 years of experience in the field of sales and marketing gained in the chemical manufacturing, real estate and FMCG.

Her thoughts about the ZimChartered program, “I learnt that hard work and dedication are the only mantra to success. Mentoring the SMEs taught me to apply theory into practice, and the ability to introduce change and bringing revolution to every field, especially my SME and my workplace.

“I am now very competent in carrying out full scale gap analysis in my organisation, as well as how to close the identified gaps. I am now a well-rounded marketer who is aware of her strengths and weaknesses, both in my work and life in general. Being conferred as a Zimchartered marketer has added status and prestige to my profession.”

Baipai holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management Honours from the Midlands State University, an MBA from the University of Gloucestershire (U.K), a BBA from Preston University (U.S.A). She is also a ZimChartered Marketer and an affiliate Chartered Post Graduate (The Chartered Institute of Marketing, U.K)

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