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MAZ launches men’s forum, Pachoto

Friday, April 23, 2021

MARKETERS Association of Zimbabwe has launched Pachoto, an exclusive forum where men come together to share ideas and discuss several issues in an informal set up around a fire.

Pachoto is a concept that has been put in place to demystify that business is only spoken under formal settings and the first edition set for April 30, 2021 will feature high riding and award winning businessman and Nyaradzo Chief Executive officer, Philip Mataranyika.

Speaking on the launch of Pachoto, Maz Executive Secretary Gillian Rusike said the idea of Pachoto was largely inspired by traditional culture of people sitting around a fire and discussing issues.

“We want to go back to the traditional way of doing things and go back to our roots where we gather around the fire as men and start talking pertinent issues that are affecting us, be it in business, social life or economics so that we also inspire, inform and educate one another.

We realize that as men we are usually not open people, we are affected internally as we don’t disclose our issues but we feel that we can create this concept in an informal way where we call each other on first name basis and we break the cycle of formality and seniority but we really get to understand and appreciate the issues that are happening around us as the younger generation and younger professionals also want to learn the journey that the seniors have walked,” said Rusike.

He said all discussions would be around a fire to break away from the formal set ups.

“The platforms are not there because everything seems to be formalized so we have decided to sit around the fire with the same type of chairs, same settings, and same setups to show we are equals and start articulating some of these professional and social issues that are affecting us as human beings. We are of the opinion that once we break the cycle of Mr. this and that we can go a long way,” said Rusike.

He said the first speaker for the newly founded Pachoto, Mataranyika will share on how he started his business m how he funded it and how he is balancing business with family among other issues.

“We have invited iconic people that have walked the journey for example, Phillip Mataranyika who has built a multi-million dollar business. So to those who want to learn how he does it, we are saying come let us learn on how he has managed to sustain the business. The wife is involved as we all know so we need him to tell us at what level do they meet and discuss business. Do they start in the bedroom or the living room or boardroom? Where do they draw the line between personal money ad business money? Who makes the decisions and who calls the shots,” said Rusike.

He added: “To make sure that they share ideas and we will make sure that everyone will be free to ask questions. It is an all jean event. Our starters will be mutakura as we want to have traditional foods and have our traditional drinks such as maheu so that we inculcate in our younger generation the traditional way of doing things”.

The MAZ founder said they desired to have it as a monthly to discuss among other things, men’s health, depression, social ills in short periods of time.

Pachoto, according to Rusike will be held under strict Covid 19 regulations and is open to the stipulated number of people, 50.

“We will abide by the government restrictions on instructions on Covid so we are only targeting 50 people to attend this first meeting that we have. We have closed it to our MAZ members for starters but it will be open to people who are not our members depending on the uptake so people can feel free to get in touch with us and we can take it into consideration,” he said.


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