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Patricia Chigwa Mutumha, Customer Experience Manager, Nicoz-Diamond Insurance

patricia"It gives me great pleasure to have successfully completed the program and be accorded the ZimChartered Marketer status. I hold this solid qualification in high regard after going through the challenging but very stimulating one and half years of theoretical and practical exposure to an industry that is different from what I already had experience in.

The greatest benefit of the program to me was much more than the professional qualification that I earned. It was the unique opportunity be consultant to an SME and see it transform in all aspects of its business. As consultant, I recommended to the business that it conducts an environmental audit as a starting point, which served as the foundation for its strategic plan. I also guided the business through the strategy implementation process by undertaking various initiatives and activities to increase its brand awareness, grow its customer base and revenue as well as strengthen customer relationships and improve customer satisfaction. With my support the SME was able to resolve most of the key issues that were uncovered during the environmental audit.

I am grateful to MAZ for such a wonderful program, I know that I now have all of the tools to be an even more impactful marketer. I truly enjoyed my time in the program and the investment I made there is changing my future for the better."

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