In a dynamic move to bolster financial inclusion and cater to the informal economy, the National Building Society (NBS), a platinum member of the Marketers Association of Zimbabwe, has launched Lenderspark Finance, a microfinance subsidiary poised to revolutionize access to financial services in Zimbabwe.

Amidst a backdrop where an estimated 70% of the nation’s economy operates informally and foreign currency dominates transactions, the timing of Lenderspark’s inception couldn’t be more opportune. This strategic move underscores NBS’s commitment to empowering all segments of society and driving economic growth from the grassroots up.

Bernard Gambe, the General Manager of Lenderspark Finance, articulated the company’s ambitious vision during the launch ceremony. He emphasized the pivotal role Lenderspark aims to play in promoting financial inclusion and catalyzing economic expansion at the local level. With core values rooted in inclusion, innovation, and retention, Lenderspark is primed to become a force for change for those previously sidelined by traditional banking institutions.

Mildret Kujinga, NBS’s Head of Marketing, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the institution’s dedication to fostering a supportive and inclusive financial ecosystem. By launching Lenderspark, NBS is not only expanding its reach but also reaffirming its status as the bank of choice for Zimbabweans, both at home and abroad.

The offerings of Lenderspark Finance are designed to disrupt the financial landscape by enhancing financial literacy, widening access to loans and credit facilities, and creating investment opportunities. The subsidiary will operate across all NBS branches, extending its services to the informal sector, cooperatives, salaried employees, and beyond.

Philip Madamombe, Director of Bank Supervision at the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, lauded the launch of Lenderspark, affirming the central bank’s unwavering support for small businesses. With the potential to absorb a significant portion of loan demand, particularly from civil servants, Lenderspark Finance is poised to catalyze economic growth and contribute to Zimbabwe’s vision for a thriving economy by 2030.

The launch of Lenderspark Finance represents more than just a new business venture; it signifies NBS’s unwavering commitment to driving positive change and empowering communities. As Zimbabwe’s economic landscape continues to evolve, initiatives like Lenderspark Finance will serve as catalysts for progress, unlocking opportunities and paving the way for a brighter future for all Zimbabweans.

In conclusion, NBS’s bold move to launch Lenderspark Finance reaffirms its position as a trailblazer in the financial sector, setting a new standard for inclusivity and innovation. With Lenderspark, the journey towards economic empowerment and financial inclusion for all Zimbabweans takes a monumental leap forward