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NB: If you want to pay in RTGS rate at 115 for corporate


  • SME Mentorship Programmes under the ZimChartered Marketer programme with the following benefits;

         : Aid in establishment of proper marketing channels.

         : Capacity Building Programmes

         : Business diversification support to enhance competitiveness and productivity.

  • Five Percent (5%) discount at all functions and events hosted by MAZ.
  • Five Percent (5%) discount on each advert placed in the ZimMarketer Magazine.
  • Free copies of the ZimMarketer Magazine.
  • You will be entitled to always bring Banners and Promotional brochures at MAZ Functions and Events free of charge.

MAZ has partnered with the following organisations so that you can get these benefits:

Golden Peacock Mutare

  • You are entitled to a 25% discount on bed and Breakfast as an MAZ member and       12.5 % discount on conferencing

Cresta Hospitality Hotels

  • Five Percent (5%) discount From Monday to Thursday on accommodation. Ten Percent (10%) discount between Fridays and Sundays on Bed & Breakfast at all Cresta Lodge Hotels and lodges. Waiver of Room Hire for all corporate conferences.

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