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Gold Membership


NB: If you want to pay in RTGS rate at 115 for corporate


  • As a Gold member we will offer you free Recruitment Services for your Marketing Department through our Employment Agency.
  • You are automatically entitled to a five percent (5%) discount at all Functions and Events hosted by M.A.Z.
  • You will receive copies of the ZimMarketer Magazine.
  • You are entitled to a Five percent (5%) discount on each advert placed in the ZimMarketer Magazine.
  • You are entitled to a Certificate indicating your Associate partnership.
  • You can bring Banners and Corporate brochures to all MAZ functions and Events

MAZ has partnered with the following organisations so that you can get these benefits:

Golden Peacock Mutare

  • You are entitled to a 25% discount on Bed and Breakfast and 12.5 % discount on conferencing.

Cresta Hospitality Hotels

  • Five Percent (5%) discount From Monday to Thursday on Bed& Breakfast. Ten Percent (10%) discount between Fridays and Sundays on Bed & Breakfast at all Cresta Lodge Hotels and lodges. Waiver of Room Hire for all corporate conferences.

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