Written By: Patricia Murambinda

There is no question that demand for accountability is growing in all marketing disciplines, including public relations. Corporate management, conscious of the size of the marketing spend, is focusing more attention on the return on investment in marketing services.

More companies are considering measurement capabilities and approaches in searching for new agencies and procurement executives who are increasingly involved in public relations firm relationships are asking for more concrete metrics to assess firm performance.

Clients want to measure public relations programs in order to gain insights that will enable them to refine and improve programs to assess cost effectiveness of different approaches and to assure a good return on these investments.

Today there is recognition that public relations programs can be measured and that there is value in doing so for example media analysis, assessing the quantity and quality of media coverage.

However recognizing that measuring the impact of public relations on sales is a complex task that requires special knowledge and expertise an area that is still grey in our country.

Many companies are beginning to recognize the value of public relations as a strategic marketing tool they can use to increase sales of products and services. Whether used alone or as part of an integrated marketing campaign, public relations can contribute to sales in many ways.

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