Marketers Association of Zimbabwe unveiled the Top 200 brands at a Breakfast meeting held under the theme ‘Brand Relevance and Dominance in the Age of the New Customer’.

The Breakfast meeting attended by over 100 marketers, brand managers and senior executives was held at the Monomotapa Hotel on Friday 13 May 2022.

The unveiling of the top 200 brands, is an annual event which culminates to the Superbrand Awards held at the end of the year.

In his welcome remarks at the Breakfast meeting, MAZ president, Professor Zororo Muranda thanked all participating brands that have partnered MAZ for the last 12 years.

“We would like to thank you all for your support and participation that has seen the Superbrand being recognised in this country as a key indicator for brand supremacy,” said Prof Muranda.

He also appreciated the Superbrand Adjudicating committee for its hard work that has ensured that the Superbrand keeps going.

“Thank you very much team, your commitment and efforts are recognised,” said Prof Muranda.

He highlighted that the past three years had seen a paradigm shift from the normal way of doing business and the brands were not spared from the rapid changes that have taken place.

“But, let me take this opportunity to congratulate you brand custodians who have stood forth and ensured that your brands pass this litmus test that began in 2010,” he said.

Guest Speaker at the event, Mr Gilbert Tsongorera, the Chief Commercial Officer for Ecocash Holdings said in the new normal, the customer had become had become ‘king’.

“There has really been a shift in the way we do marketing, and that shift will come through because initially companies used to control the narrative .We never gave the customer a chance and now we have customers now controlling the narrative, “said Mr Tsongorera.

He said the consumer has become a determinant factor in the success and growth of brands.

 “As marketers we have been forced to co-create with customers in mind which really speaks to the value that the customer brings to us. The question is how relevant is your brand as far as the customer is concerned,” he said.

Mr Tsongorera said it was important for brands to strive for success but also to be willing to fail.

“With the advent of Covid 19 there is now less bricks and more of clicks, it’s important that we also follow the trends and embrace technology,” he said.

He added that it was compelling to have a strategy as you build your brand and have a corporate vision.

Superbrand Adjudication Committee chairperson, Mr Arza Khan highlighted that it was important for brands to be associated with Superbrand.

“It is important for Zimbabwean brands to be associated with the Superbrand process because, it has been designed to specific way that is adjudicated in a way that has not been done with most awards.

Our Superbrand process is right up there with some of the best in determining whether a brand is recognisable in the market. Being recognised is something that’s quite important and relevant and important specifically for this particular program,” said Khan.

He highlighted that the consumer remains the determinant factor in the Superbrand process.

Mr Khan led the unveiling of the Top 200 brands at the Superbrand Meeting.

MAZ Head Marketing and Operations, Mrs Enia Zimunya thanked all sponsors and partners that made the Superbrand Breakfast Meeting a success.

In closing remarks , MAZ Business Development Executive-Superbrand and Research , Mr Wesley Kasambira urged participating brands to pay research fees to ensure a flawless Superbrand countrywide research process.

The Superbrand Business Breakfast Meeting marks the first phase of the Superbrand process. As usual, before the unveiling of the shortlisted brands, the Adjudication Committee was given a chance to verify and endorse these 2022 sectorial brands in Zimbabwe.

After the unveiling of the participating brands, the next step is to take these brands back to the consumers for rating and ranking through a representative and nationwide consumer research. The survey is conducted among Zimbabwean adults aged between 15 years and 65 years. This is a quantitative research in which personal face to face interviews are conducted with the selected respondents.

Birthed in 2010, the awards celebrate brands that break new ground and go beyond excellence in service delivery and brands that are always on the mind of the consumer.

Proton was adjudged as Zimbabwe’s Superbrand for the year 2021.