Marketers Association of Zimbabwe is set to unveil the 2022 top 200 Zimbabwean brands at a Breakfast meeting on Friday 13 May 2022 at the Monomotapa Hotel.

The unveiling of the top 200 brands, is an annual event that culminates to the Superbrand Awards held at the end of the year.

MAZ Executive Secretary, Mr Gillian Rusike said this year’s Superbrand Breakfast Meeting is being held under the theme ‘Brand Relevance and Dominance in the Age of the New Customer’ which is relevant to the times ever-changing business environment and customer.

“I think the times that we are operating are also putting a huge demand on the brands in order for them to transform to be able to speak to the aspirations of the customer, in order for them to speak to the expectations and to speak to the trust of the customers.

We are in a volatile environment where everything and anything is just coming by and changes are taking place therefore for brands to be sustainable they need to be part and parcel  of the customers’ life journey , they need to be solution providers,” said Mr Rusike.

He emphasised that there was really need to look at branding from a different perspective if they are to be relevant to the growth of the economy as well as impact they are making to customers.

“We need brands that are speaking to the aspirations of the customers, they need to look into the future. It’s no longer business as usual but they need to connect intricately, emotionally with the expectations of the customers,” he said.

He added: “We are in an environment where there is a lot of mistrust people are no longer trusting the person that is next to them and so is the same with the products that they are interfacing with and so we really need that transformation to take place in order for brands to be relevant to the economy”.

Mr Rusike said Mr Gilbert Tsongorera, the Chief Commercial Officer for Ecocash Holdings would be the Guest speaker at this year’s Superbrand Breakfast Meeting.

The Superbrand Business Breakfast Meeting marks the first phase of the Superbrand process. As usual, before the unveiling of the shortlisted brands, the Adjudication Committee was given a chance to verify and endorse these 2022 sectorial brands in Zimbabwe.

After the unveiling of the participating brands, the next step is to take these brands back to the consumers for rating and ranking through a representative and nationwide consumer research. The survey is conducted among Zimbabwean adults aged between 15 years and 65 years. This is a quantitative research in which personal face to face interviews are conducted with the selected respondents.

Birthed in 2010, the awards celebrate brands that break new ground and go beyond excellence in service delivery and brands that are always on the mind of the consumer. Proton was adjudged as Zimbabwe’s Superbrand for the year 2021