The Marketers Association of Zimbabwe proudly hosted the highly anticipated 2024 Marketers Business Review Conference on February 23rd at the prestigious Golden Conifer Functions Venue in Harare.

Mr. Rusike, the esteemed Executive Secretary of the Marketers Association of Zimbabwe, set the tone with his opening remarks, extending a warm welcome to all attendees. He emphasized the significance of the event as a platform for business executives to convene, exchange ideas, and glean insights into the evolving landscape of 2024 marketing trends.

The event was hosted under the theme: Setting the Tone for Business In 2024 – Embrace Change, Conquer Challenges and Excel.

The conference boasted an impressive lineup of speakers who shared invaluable perspectives on a myriad of topics spanning business, marketing, economics, advertising, and media. Among them were luminaries.

Prosper Chitambara an Economist delved into discussions on global and local macroeconomic developments, inflation rates, and proposed solutions to address economic challenges facing Zimbabwe. His insights fostered a deeper understanding of the economic milieu impacting businesses.

Samuel Matsekete, CEO of Old Mutual, who dissected the Business Landscape and Marketing Responses. His presentation elucidated the shifting dynamics of the Zimbabwean business sphere and delineated strategic marketing approaches essential for navigating challenges and seizing opportunities.

The conference also featured a vibrant panel discussion comprising young and dynamic marketers who shared profound insights into the 2024 marketing landscape.

Charles Mutemera, Managing Director at Dicomm McCann shared his expertise on crafting effective marketing strategies and communication techniques that resonate with target audiences in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

Makie Mbanje, Marketing and Exhibition Manager at Showcaseit, shed light on the pivotal role of innovative marketing approaches and impactful exhibition strategies in enhancing brand visibility and customer engagement. She underscored the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in powering interactive exhibits and personalized experiences such as natural language, computer vision, machine learning to power interactive exhibits AI chatbots and conversational interfaces.

“Overall, AI plays a crucial role in transforming the exhibition industry by enhancing visitor experiences, streamlining operations, and enabling innovative approaches to content delivery and engagement.” Said Ms. Mbanje

Aman Jyoti, Commercial Director as representing Zimgold Oil Industry, offered insights into the evolving advertising landscape within the Zimbabwean market, emphasizing key areas for brands to focus on in driving growth and fostering engagement, including AI, Social Commerce, Influencers, Tactical Marketing, and Niche & Premium Radio.

Dennis Dube, Station Manager at AB Communications, delved into the evolving media landscape, stressing the importance of effective communication strategies in bolstering brand awareness and consumer engagement across diverse media channels. He highlighted the burgeoning role of social media platforms and the transformative impact of AI in shaping media consumption patterns.

“The entertainment and media industry continues to enjoy growth after rebounding from the upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, rising to a record total global revenue of almost US$2.5 trillion in 2023.” Said Dennis

“Social Media is a key marketing strategy in Africa and Zimbabwe, with large numbers of potential customers regularly using social media platforms. Make sure you have a TikTok strategy. Digital media is growing at a fast rate, embrace trends like digital newspapers and online media. Media distributed via WhatsApp could prove to be a key disruptor in Zimbabwe.”

As Dennis Dube articulated, “The future of media and entertainment is delineated by Gen Z—those born between 1997 and 2012—who harbor distinct digital inclinations and perceive media through a unique lens.”

The conference furnished attendees with a comprehensive panorama of the prevailing business climate in Zimbabwe, furnishing indispensable insights into marketing strategies, economic trends, advertising methodologies, and media engagement techniques indispensable for triumph in 2024.

The event culminated in a dynamic question and answer session, affording attendees the opportunity to engage directly with the speakers, elucidate queries, and glean additional insights into the salient themes permeating the conference discourse.

The event concluded with a dynamic question and answer session where attendees had the opportunity to engage with the speakers, seek clarifications, and gain further insights into the topics discussed throughout the conference.

The Marketing Association of Zimbabwe wishes to express its deepest gratitude to the partners and sponsors whose unwavering support contributed significantly to the success of our event. These esteemed organizations include Image Magic Corporate, Sagewood, EcoCash Zimbabwe, Nyaradzo Funeral Services, CBZ Holdings, Delta Corporation, National Foods, PPC Zimbabwe, Premier Corporate Gifts, ZB Bank, Old Mutual, Topline Research Solutions, and Expert Research Insight. We are enormously grateful for their generous contributions and commitment to our cause.