On the 15 February 2019 the Marketers Association OF Zimbabwe, (MAZ) hosted its first event in the 2019 calendar; The Marketers Luncheon at the Venue in Avondale. Over 150 marketers converged to the event for networking and getting a snapshot of the MAZ 2019 calendar. The guest speaker Mr. Joe Mutizwa, a renowned industry captain, brought in his wealth of wisdom addressing the topic, ‘Leadership Paradigms in a Turbulent Environment’. 

The main thrust of Mr. Mutizwa’ presentation focused on the seven risks that affect an economy during turbulent times. The first risk he spoke of was the political risk, and highlighted that the austerity measures being pursued by the government had a high potential to increase socio political tensions and rifts. Companies needed therefore to come up with strategies to counter those risks through tolerance for uncertainty and embracing multiple perspectives. Further, he spoke on the second risk; the inflation risk, highlighting that currency speculations were likely to trigger speculative pricing. Marketers were also enlightened on the other four risks, which included the recession risks; the corporate viability risk; the conversion risks; the confidence risks as well as the skills flights risks. “Adapt multiple perspectives, promote critical thinking upon as managers,” argued Mr. Mutizwa urging the marketers to broaden their mindsets and the way they approach business day to day. 

Mr. Mutizwa encouraged the young generation to take the economic shift in Zimbabwe as a stepping stone and not leave the country but think ahead and use the resources available and implement the policies at hand for development. 

The luncheon was an eye opener for marketers as it also allowed people to participate in a question and answer section addressing their main concerns and their problems in the marketing and business sector. Mr. Mutizwa further went on to explain the do’s and don’ts of businesses which he linked to his long experience of almost 30 years from being a board member of Delta beverages to been a CEO of PATHWAYS AFRICA Strategist, Executive Coach and Author. He also brought to light how a business can survive in this economy with or without through stakeholder engagements. “Leaders needed to step up forward and clarify when there is a situation, communicating very well to stakeholders”. He also stated that as marketers the use of the digital marketing tools is essential to address the concerns of the consumers and the businesses that are trading.

The event came to an end with the MAZ Marketing and Training Manager; Enia Zimunya unveiling the highly packed 2019 Calendar, which included the major traditional events; like the Annual Marketers Convention as well as an array of training activities meant to equip marketers in their day to day operations.  More information about the 2019 calendar is included in this Newsletter.

The luncheon would not have been a total success without the support of the sponsors who included, Proton which provided hampers that winners received from the business card draw, Delta, Dairibord for the refreshments as well as the media partners, Financial Gazette.