Marketers positively answered the call to assist in the construction of the Masasa Clinic with over 30 teams participating in the annual Marketers Association of Zimbabwe Charity Golf day held on July 21, 2023.

The teams drawn from various corporates took part in the in the 7th Charity Golf tournament held at the ZRP Golf Club.

This year’s theme focused on ‘Roofing, plastering and painting’ of Masasa Clinic in Buhera district.

For this year’s edition, MAZ decided to shift its focus to the health sector targeting Manicaland province to assist in the construction of Masasa Clinic in Buhera.

Proceeds from the golf tournament will go towards the refurbishment of this clinic in a bid to make a difference to the people in Buhera area.

Speaking at the Cocktail after the golf tournament , Masasa Clinic representative Sam Matema highlighted the need at the rural clinic which serves a community of over 14 000.

“Masasa clinic is in Buhera Central taking care of 14 000 people. Just by way of back ground there are only seven 7 health centres in the entire Buhera constituency which is made up of 4 constituencies

“Masasa clinic has a catchment area covering 40 villages. There are only two nurses at the clinic and they are supposed to be having 8 so its operating at 25% capacity and one of the reasons why there are only two nurses is that there is no accommodation explaining why there is need for us to come together as a collective and provide staff accommodation for the nurses,” said Matema,

Matema thanked the golfers for supporting the cause.

 “Thank you very much for your support and contributions and show of love. I can only hope we continue that we continue walking this journey together,” he said.

MAZ Executive Secretary, Gillian Rusike said the Charity Golf day has continued to grow and impact various communities every year since its launch seven years ago.

“Your presence has gone a very long way because you have managed to impact through the organisations that you represent or even through yourselves so once again colleagues allow me to clap hands for making it to this annual golf charity.

He paid tribute and appreciated MAZ former president, Agrippa Mugwagwa who initiated the Charity golf tournament.

He also acknowledged the Marketers Golf Society which works with MAZ in planning the Charity Golf tournament.

“You know we started introducing some golf lessons for marketers who wanted to play golf and thank God, a team of other marketers saw it fit to start what they are calling Marketers Golf Society MGS and they are more of our cousin brother as we work together and they are here supporting this cause. Thank you MGS,” said Rusike.

MAZ Charity golf founder, Agrippa Mugwagwa said he was impressed with the growth of the Charity golf tournament over the years.

“The MAZ charity golf platform is a platform that indeed we started 7 years ago and as a passionate golfer myself I did find it amiss that our marketing community was not visible and activities in the golf space which is a very powerful networking platform”.

“It is really gratifying to see the growth that has happened on the MAZ charity golf from the time we started. We had our first game with 80 players which was not bad for a first shot and it has grown over the years and impacting in communities,” said Mugwagwa.

He challenged marketers to take up golf as it is also a platform to network and build business relations.

“To be honest, business is about relationships you can phone all you want do as many lunches you can but the quality of relationships you create on the golf course is unassignable and I can tell you I have made so many friends and I have been able to open many doors that I think I wouldn’t have been able to open it if it wasn’t for this platform and I’m   grateful for that.

Today I want to encourage you marketers and those that are not playing golf to try and take up golf. Thank you so much for supporting MAZ,” said Mugwagwa.

One of the sponsors of the Charity golf tournament, Cairns Foods Limited Marketing manager, Mutsai Mukungatu shared about her brands’ products.

“It was such a pleasure playing golf with you today, I represent a brand that brings people together and I think bringing people together is our timeline. So keep eating Cairns food products enjoy them giving us feedback let’s keep getting together as marketers and consumers let’s keep give us feedback and inspiring each other,” said Mukungatu.

MAZ Head Operations and Marketing, Enia Zimunya thanked all sponsors who made the day a success.

“I want to thank our sponsors, quite a number of them, our apparel sponsors, price sponsors, hole sponsors, giveaway sponsors and everyone who came through with all this support and we are so happy that we are able to reach our objectives of the Masasa Clinic. We really thank you and are grateful for your continued support,” said Zimunya.

Last year’s Charity Golf was held under theme ‘Rescue a teen from substance abuse’ and the Association partnered with Teen Rescue Mission, a non-profit organisation based in Chitungwiza.

Teen Rescue mission sought assistance for the construction of a fowl run to assist the youths in the area by equipping them with self-help projects in order for them to stay away from drugs.

MAZ has since handed over the fowl run to Teen Rescue Mission.