Major benefits of the Superbrand process are realised by participating brands. Brands who pay the minimal research fee are provided with specific sectorial reports. Ordinarily brand custodians have to invest in sometimes exorbitant amounts for research on anything about their brands.  However the specific sectoral reports or individual reports that brands receive after the Superbrand process, contains information gathered during the research. These reports are a measure of brand equity, as such are vital to guide organisations in the formulation of strategy. The report also shows how your brand performed against other brands in your particular sector based on these characteristics, Product or service accessibility, Loyalty, Goodwill, Overall Market Acceptance, Customer Service and Brand Experience. This report also shows overall market share and give recommendations to improve performance of your brand. In addition the report gives insights into the consumer trends and buying behaviour

Other benefits of Superbrand are discounted advertising rates for all ZBC radio stations and ZBC TV. MAZ has also partnered with JCDecaux to offer discounts on outdoor advertising. Through Superbrand, companies gain brand visibility and an opportunity to increase brand awareness through various Superbrand campaigns. They also enjoy increased brand trust from consumers, due to the Superbrand status or seal.

Consumers can also have confidence in that purchasing or dealing with a brand that is part of the Superbrand Process, as you can be assured that the brand that has established the finest reputation in its field, offers customers significant emotional and tangible advantages. The benefit for the consumer is the seal of assurance that the brand which has named a Superbrand is a brand of quality and that it meets their expectation. Since it is a consumer based research, the Superbrand process will give confidence during purchasing process and it also demystifies doubts and negative convictions about a particular brand.

Other key stakeholders in the Superbrand include the government, media and academia. For the government, it gives an insight on the performance of the economy and influences policy making. It also boosts confidence in public sector performance. For academia, over the years we have realised that the Superbrand Report has been used as a reference point as it gives access to research based information and data.