‘Career development critical for all professionals’ 

Marketers and related professionals have been challenged to constantly upskill as career development is very critical to be able to n the every dynamic business landscape, a MAZ board member has said.

Speaking at a graduation ceremony for Digital Marketers, ZimChartered Marketers, Guest Speaker and MAZ board member, Lawrence Kupika highlighted the importance of career growth 

“Today’s dynamic world requires agility and hands on people. The recent years have shown us that there is more need for soft skills and frequent upskilling.

“A person’s career growth is a critical part of their life. Employees must constantly improve their skills and competencies to satisfy current demands,” said Kupika.

He said today’s employer is looking for a versatile employee who is able to multi-task and get the job done.

The graduation ceremony was for three intakes for the Certificate in Digital Marketing program; August 2022 online, October 2022 online and January 2022 physical class as well as the 2022 ZimChartered Marketer class.

Kupika said Digital Marketing was now a full time job and it had opportunities in the marketing as business.

“The Digital Marketing program is a practical program and I encourage you to use the skills you have acquired and not shelve the certificate. There are so many opportunities that lie ahead of you. 

Digital Marketing is now a full time profession and there are so many organisations and SMEs that require the services of Digital Marketers,” he said.

Kupika highlighted that MAZ had introduced a number of new programs that are in line with the current demands on the job market. 

Among them are Event Management Program, Certificate in Customer Experience Management and National certificate in Sales and Marketing. 

“We have also introduced a Diploma in Digital Marketing with the Harare Institute of Technology conjunction with the Harare Institute of Technology. This is a one year program and I implore those that have just graduated with a certificate in Digital Marketing to consider taking up this program,” said Kupika.

Turning to the ZimChartered graduates, Kupika commended them for taking up the program.

 “To the ZimChartered Marketers graduating today, I would like to commend you for taking this program with MAZ. The ZimChartered Marketer status is a prestigious status as earlier alluded by Mr Rusike. You are the crème de la crème in terms of marketing in this country,” said Kupika

He implored the ZimChartered Marketers to take up consultancy as they had been adequately trained through SME mentorship.

“As Chartered marketers do not be afraid to step out into consultancy. This program has fortified you with the requisite knowledge that can see you becoming some of the best consultants around. By being able to mentor SMEs, you proved beyond doubt that you can be able to mentor and venture into consultancy,” said Kupika.

In his welcome remarks at the graduation ceremony, MAZ Executive Secretary, Gillian Rusike encouraged marketers to make a mark in their organisations using the knowledge and skills

“It is only those that make a mark that can live up to today’s market demands.

I implore you to utilise all the knowledge and skills in your day to day business and make a difference in your various organisations,” said Rusike.

He pointed MAZ’s vision is to be the champion of marketing excellence across Zimbabwe and Southern Africa.

“To achieve this we want to make sure that all marketers are well equipped with knowledge,” said Rusike.

Giving a testimonial at the graduation ceremony, one of the Digital Marketing students, Takudzwa Raymond Mandireva highlighted that how the Digital marketing program had impacted in day to day duties at work.

“This program has taken me to a place where I can put together a Strategic digital Marketing plan that has an impact on brand visibilty for many brands that I represent and deliver a positive return on investment for all the marketing efforts that my organisation is putting in.

It is the practical based approach that is being used in this program that allows you to build websites, optimise search engines. I am actually running campaigns with mail chimp and draft strategic digital Marketing plans,” said Mandireva.

He added: “In short the course has managed to polish me into a polished diamond and I can go out there and make impact in the Digital Marketing fraternity”.

Robert Mukarakate commended the Digital Marketing facilitators for a job well done and encouraged fellow graduates to utilise the skills they had acquired. 

“MAZ has equipped us with the knowledge wisely necessary. The world is full of challenges but there are vast opportunities that we can take advantage of.

We have the power to make a difference to shape the future to create a better world for all of us .Remember success is not just about achieving our goals but to make a positive impact in the world around us and let us be the change that we want to see,” said Mukarakate

MAZ Training Manager, Felix Mambondiani shared on the recently launched Business Institute is made up of 3 Strategic Business Units namely MAZ Institute of Digital Practitioners , MAZ Institute of Customer Experience Practitioners and MAZ Institute of Sales Professionals.

“We have the Business Institute that has three affiliations, the Digital Practitioners, Customer Experience Practitioners and Customer Experience practitioners. We encourage everyone who is graduation today to participate in the MAZ Digital Institute, sign up for membership and be actively involved,” said Mambondiani.

In attendance at the graduation ceremony was the MAZ Head Academics, Godfrey Dube and guests who accompanied the graduates.

He added that the Business Institute was also offering short courses and workshops for both individuals and corporates.

For more information on training programs contact training@mazim.co.zw