It was all glitz and glam at the Exceptional Marketing Awards held on November 1, 2019 at the Annual Marketers Convention in Bulawayo.

The Awards night sponsored by Netone was held at the Holiday Inn in Bulawayo to cap the 2019 Marketers Convention.

The colour theme for the Awards night was black, white and a touch of orange and the colour theme was adhered to by most of the guests.

The Exceptional Marketing Awards, were introduced by the Marketers Association of Zimbabwe, (MAZ) in 2012, to encourage and celebrate excellence and innovation across the marketing process within the business spectrum.

These awards recognise organisations and people who have achieved outstanding success in their planning and implementation of marketing and related areas strategies, annually.

We share with you the Award winners and runners up to the various categories;

  1.Best TV Advert of the Year

2.Best Jingle of the Year

3.Best Print Advert of the Year

4.Best Outdoor Media Advert of the Year

Sponsored by M.E.D Outdoor Media

5.Best Social Media and Digital Marketing Campaign of the Year

Sponsored by Barkers Ogilvy

6. Best Website for 2019

Sponsored by AfroSoft

7.Customer Engagement & Experience of the Year

Sponsored by Select Research

8.New Product or Innovation of the Year

Sponsored by Alpha Media Holding

9.Marketing Oriented SME of the Year

10.Integrated Promotional Campaign of the Year

Sponsored by Afrosoft

11. Exceptional Corporate Social Responsibility Campaign of the Year

Sponsored by Afrosoft

12. Brand Manager of the Year

13. Public Relations Practitioner of the Year

Sponsored by Magna Carta

14. Top Marketer of the Year (Executive)

 Sponsored by The Financial Gazette

15. Marketing Oriented CEO/ Managing Director of the Year

Sponsored by Spidex Media

Congratulations Exceptional Marketing Awards winners and the runners up!