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    Personal details:

    Top most Qualification held

    (please indicate below whether you have masters, degree):

    Company details:

    PCDM: USD300
    ECDM: USD150
    CDMEXP: USD600
    Please call for ZWL price.
    Payment Details:

    Ecocash Merchant Code: *151*2*2*15535#
    One Money Account: 263 719 795 764

    Banking Details
    Bank :Stanbic
    Account Name :Marketers Association of Zimbabwe
    Account No :9140000158460
    Branch :Samora Machel Avenue
    Terms and Conditions:
    ▪ No refund
    ▪ Fees are not refundable should a student drop out of the program midway.
    ▪ Venues are subject to change on notice as necessitated by demand considerations.
    ▪ This registration forms constitutes a contract between the two parties, once signed it is binding on both parties.
    ▪ Submit proof of payments on all online payments, to Accounts department for verification and capturing.
    ▪ Once registered you are obliged to pay the full amount, whether you attend lectures or not and whether you complete the program or not.
    ▪ Full fees must be paid before the examination date.
    ▪ All approved installments must be paid by the 1st of every month in advance.

    Attach the following documents
    Copy Identity document, ID or Passport

    The information supplied is true and I do hereby agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the Marketers Association of Zimbabwe as set out in the registration terms and conditions.

    Please Note: FOR ALL ONLINE REGISTRATIONS EMAIL THE APPLICATION FORM TO also include your payment reference number.