The Marketers Association of Zimbabwe wishes to congratulate those who completed the 6 month Digital Marketing certificate course and graduated on September 24 at the Marketing Hub.

Sixty-one marketers out of the 156 that completed the 6 months course graduated at a colourful ceremony.

MAZ Secretary General Mr Gillian Rusike highlighted that the importance of Digital Marketing cannot be overemphasised.

“The world is going digital and it is imperative for every marketer to have the latest digital communication and marketing skills in order to stay relevant.

Nowadays, clients and audiences are found on the digital space hence every marketer has to occupy those spaces and can only be able to do so , through requisite knowledge hence the need to study Digital Marketing, “said Mr Rusike.

Guest Speaker at the graduation ceremony, MAZ board member and Group Head of Marketing & Communications FMB Capital Holdings, Mr Dennis Mambure said the future of marketing is in the digital space.

“The future of marketing is here and I hope we are all inspired to prepare adequately for the future which has many exciting possibilities and opportunities. From chatbots to virtual assistants all of these are marketing channels which we need to start preparing for,” said Mr Mambure.

He said innovation is the key to survival in the marketing profession.

“As long as there are people , as long as there are needs as long as the world lives , marketing shall not die because marketing is essentially that particular profession that links people’s needs and that which satisfies them.

He added: “The future of marketing needs bold, new and refreshing marketers”

One of the graduates, Flora Ngwenya spoke highly of the course and recommended other marketers

 “Indeed we feel strongly empowered and we are now comfortable venturing into the digital space without fear and we are going to explore available opportunities. The direction of the world and economy is digital hence we are now empowered,” said Ms Ngwenya.

She commended MAZ for the Digital Marketing course saying their success as digital marketers speaks to the success of MAZ because it is churning out graduates that are relevant to the market.

Ms Ngwenya confessed that before she enrolled for Digital Marketing she did not even have a Facebook account.

Ms Elizabeth Makuza was named as the Best student in Digital Marketing.

“I thank MAZ for the honour and thank the lecturers for the course, It was highly enlightening. I am now well equipped with the skills I learnt from the Digital Marketing course,” said Ms Makuza.