Delta Corporation, a Platinum Member of the Marketers Association of Zimbabwe (MAZ), continues to make waves in the beverage industry with the recent launch of two new flavors for its Chibuku Super beer brand under the sorghum segment. The exciting additions, pineapple, and ginger, have already hit the market, marking a strategic move to diversify and meet the dynamic needs of consumers.

Marshal Pemhiwa, the Sorghum Beer Business General Manager at Delta Beverages, expressed enthusiasm during the launch event, stating, “Delta Beverages, through the sorghum beer business, is excited to be expanding the Chibuku Super flavor range with the addition of pineapple and ginger flavors.” This move aligns with Delta’s commitment to offering differentiated products and providing consumers with a broader array of choices.

Highlighting the company’s dedication to innovation and consumer satisfaction, Pemhiwa emphasized, “As Chibuku, we take pride in offering our consumers differentiated products, offering more choices to satisfy their dynamic needs. The addition of flavor variants to Chibuku Super is part of our journey to build brilliant brands and remain innovative for our consumers.”

Delta Corporation’s Chibuku Super portfolio already boasts banana, ginger, and pineapple flavors, alongside the original Chibuku Super and Scud packs, which have stood the test of time. The introduction of these new flavors follows the successful launch of Chibuku Super banana in June 2022.

Pemhiwa reflected on the brand’s evolution over the past 60 years, emphasizing the commitment to growing and developing the sorghum beer category. He also hinted at the possibility of more exciting flavors being introduced in the future, keeping consumers intrigued and engaged with the Chibuku brand.

As a Platinum Member of MAZ, Delta Corporation continues to contribute to the upliftment of the marketing profession in Zimbabwe.