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Daniel Chipato

imageDaniel Chipato is the Chief Sales Officer for Proton Bakers, a ZimChartered Marketer, holder the MAZ Marketing Practitioner Status, and a Marketing Degree from Chinhoyi University. He was the First Runner up Top Marketer of the Year for 2019 and got the same award in 2020

He had this to say :“ Enrolling for the ZimChartered Marketer program with the Marketers Association of Zimbabwe was one of the wisest decisions that l will forever be proud of. This was motivated by the need keep abreast of the current Strategic Marketing trends. Marketing is an evolving field, the digital space is growing and the consumer is becoming more informed thus marketers needs to keep abreast with global trends through well constituted programs like the ZimChartered Marketer qualification. Covering key modules such as Strategic Marketing, Big Data Analytics, and Marketing Metrics and Innovation the presentations from well experienced facilitators helped in diagnosing key marketing problems and were adequately applied on the SME Mentorship program. The SME mentorship program helped in developing a strong marketing culture for my SME and the relationship with them developed into professional consultancy thus benefiting myself and the growth of the SME. The application of the theory earned was immediately felt in current portfolio as l was able to improve in a number of areas including product innovations, strategic marketing and enhanced brand visibility. The results of this were business growth and recognition as seen through the scooping of both personal and individual awards during the Exceptional Marketers awards as well as Superbrand awards. I would recommend fellow marketers who have not taken up this program to do so and enjoy the professional benefits that come with this highly esteemed qualification from the Marketers Association of Zimbabwe”.


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