FAST moving consumer goods (FMCG) and essential services have remained as top priority in Zimbabwe as reflected by the Top 10 Business to Consumer and Business to Business categories of the Superbrand Awards in 2021.

Consumer brands were more dominant in the Superbrand Awards this year, depicting the state of the economy and that consumers are now more focused on basic needs than other luxuries.

Results from the research are often reflective of the ever changing consumer tastes and preferences.

The essential services and products were ranging from health, insurance and telecommunications services.

This was revealed at the Superbrand 2021 awards held at the Rainbow Towers on the 3rd of December 2021 hosted by the Marketers Association of Zimbabwe.

The prestigious awards were held under the theme Super brands: Towards Nation Pride and Business Growth’.

Proton Bakers was adjudged as the overall Superbrand Winner for the year 2021 and was on pole position in the Top 20 Business to Consumer Brands.

It was also the winner in the FMCG bakery sector.

For the Top 10 Business to Consumer brands the winner of the category was Proton followed by OK Zimbabwe, Econet, Mazoe and Bakers Inn on fifth position.

On 6th position was Eco-Cash, followed by Nyaradzo Funeral Services, Chicken Inn on 8th position, Coca-Coca and Zimgold on 10th position.

In the Business to business category, the winner was Old Mutual, followed by Cimas, Delta Corporation, PPC Zimbabwe and CBZ Bank on fifth position.

On 6th position was Seedco, followed CABS and Larfage Cement on 7th position.

The last three in this category were National Foods, The Herald and Toyota Zimbabwe on 10th position.

Superbrand Adjudication chairperson, Mr Denford Mutashu in his speech at the awards ceremony highlighted that there has been a shift from luxury brands which have continued to drop rankings due to shifts in availability, prices and consumer priorities.

“From the research we observed that most mentions were that of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) because of the state of our economy which has become more consumer oriented. This is an indication that it is those very basic goods which are leaving an impression in the mind of the consumer,” said Mr Mutashu.

He said the priorities are reflective of the prevailing consumer experiences as shaped by the prevailing economic challenge.

The dominance by the Consumer brands is also a sign that the custodians of the brands are pushing hard as evidenced by jingles, billboards, product innovations, rebranding and new products on the market.

He added that because of the Covid 19 pandemic there was also high demand for detergents products and hygienic services has significantly increased during these Covid 19 times.

He also acknowledged the auditor partners, Grant Thornton for carrying out an audit process in determining whether the ranking of the brands surveyed were in accordance with the rules, regulations and procedures set out by the Superbrand adjudication committee.

Nemchem, one of the service providers of hygienic services was on 18th position in the Business to Business categories.

Banks and mobile money service provider, Eco-cash were also cited by consumers as an essential service in the Superbrand Research.

Health Care and Funeral services were also key as mentioned by consumers more particularly due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

Superbrand Awards has earned a solid reputation as far as celebrating brand excellence is concerned.

These awards which were birthed in 2010 celebrate brands that go beyond excellence in service delivery and those that are top in the minds of the consumer

One critical element that makes Superbrand authentic over a lot of awards is the fact that the process is consumer driven where the participating brands are chosen and rated by the consumers through a nationwide consumer survey.

MAZ would like to congratulate all the winners and thank all the sponsors that made the event, a success.