Pacific Cigarette Company (PCC), a proud member of the Marketers Association of Zimbabwe (MAZ), is celebrating 21 years of business in the country with a firm commitment to prioritizing investment in innovation, advanced technology, and responsible industry practices.

In an official statement, PCC highlighted its dedication to staying ahead of industry trends and consumer preferences. As smokers increasingly shift from traditional cigarettes to “vapes,” which may not contain tobacco but do contain nicotine, PCC recognizes the importance of adapting to evolving market demands. The company remains at the forefront of providing exceptional tobacco products by investing in research, development, and cutting-edge technologies.

“As Pacific Cigarette Company commemorates its 21st anniversary, it continues to prioritize investment in innovation and advanced technology. By staying ahead of industry trends and consumer preferences, the company remains at the forefront of providing exceptional tobacco products that meet evolving market demands,” stated PCC.

A notable aspect of PCC’s commitment to sustainability is its focus on research and development in sustainable packaging, aiming to reduce environmental impact. This positions the company as a responsible industry leader, pioneering positive change within the tobacco sector.

PCC emphasized its significant impact on the nation’s economy through fair trade practices and contributions to the growth of the agricultural sector. The company plays a vital role in job creation by employing a large workforce and actively participating in the overall development of the agricultural industry.

“The company’s presence in Zimbabwe’s tobacco industry has had a significant impact on the nation’s economy. By employing a large workforce and actively contributing to the overall growth of the agricultural sector, the company aids in job creation and uplifts the living standards of countless individuals,” noted PCC.

As a MAZ member, Pacific Cigarette Company aligns with the association’s values of teamwork, integrity, innovation, and passion. The company’s commitment to responsible practices, economic contribution, and continuous innovation underscores its role not only as a key player in the tobacco industry but also as a contributor to the broader economic landscape of Zimbabwe.

In a significant move toward promoting collaboration and recognizing excellence in the field of investment, the Marketers Association of Zimbabwe (MAZ) is set to partner with The Africa Investment Leaders Forum & Awards (AILF) for their upcoming event scheduled to take place at the Rainbow Towers Hotel in Harare from June 26th to 28th, 2024.

The AILF, a distinguished gathering committed to uniting prominent investors, policymakers, industry leaders, and essential stakeholders from across Africa and the globe, stands as a beacon for sharing knowledge, promoting cooperation, and acknowledging outstanding achievements in the realm of investment.

Theme of AILF 2024: “Prosperity through Partnership: Cultivating Sustainable Investment Ecosystems in Africa” This theme encapsulates the core philosophy of the event, emphasizing the transformative power of partnerships in fostering sustainable investment ecosystems across the African continent.

The diverse array of topics to be covered during the forum includes unlocking potential in real estate, exploring opportunities in diversifying the African mining sector, the role of the banking sector in facilitating inclusive growth, navigating regulatory challenges and fintech disruption, strengthening African stock exchanges, cryptocurrency adoption, balancing energy security, and environmental sustainability in the oil and gas industry, investment strategies for Africa’s tourism industry, collaborating with the African diaspora for knowledge transfer and investment partnerships, and addressing the balance of payments and wealth creation for all.

AILF Awards will recognize local and international investors across various categories, including oil & gas, mining, agriculture, media & entertainment, real estate & construction, manufacturing, technology, finance, tourism, hospitality, transportation, healthcare, government investor-friendly policies, diaspora investor of the year, and social responsibility.

The forum boasts an impressive lineup of speakers, including Thapelo Tsheole, Emma Kawawa, Gilead Teri, Justin Bgoni, Nigel Chanakira, William Sachiti, Prof Mthuli Ncube, Tal Edgards, Hon. Sosten Gwengwe, Ken Sharpe, Jeremy Youmans, Tinashe Manzungu, Hon. David Mnangagwa, and David Smith, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the forum, promising engaging discussions and insights.

In conclusion, MAZ looks forward to being part of this transformative event, contributing to the collective effort of cultivating sustainable investment ecosystems in Africa. The collaboration with AILF underscores MAZ’s commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends and fostering connections that drive excellence in marketing and business.

The Marketers Association of Zimbabwe (MAZ) is gearing up for its highly anticipated 2024 Marketers Business Review Conference, scheduled to take place at the prestigious Golden Conifer on February 23, 2024, from 8 am to 1 pm. Under the theme “Embrace Change, Conquer Challenges, and Excel,” this conference is set to establish the tone for the business landscape in 2024. It promises to be a dynamic event that will bring together industry leaders, professionals, and enthusiasts to explore and navigate the evolving marketing landscape.

Distinguished speakers at the conference include the esteemed Dr. Prosper Chitambara, Vongai Muzenda, Charles Mutemara, Tariro Muchena, and Makie Mbanje. These thought leaders will share invaluable insights and expertise, offering attendees a unique opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the rapidly changing business environment.

The conference will delve into crucial aspects of the business world, focusing on the 2024 Business Economic Review and shedding light on the latest Marketing and Advertising Trends for the year. Attendees can expect a comprehensive analysis that will empower them to make informed decisions and stay ahead in their respective fields.

For those eager to be part of this transformative experience, the investment fee is set at USD 80 for MAZ members and USD 120 for non-members. Additionally, there is an exhibition fee of USD 50 for those interested in showcasing their products and services.

As MAZ continues to champion marketing excellence, this conference aligns with the association’s mission to promote professionalism and synergies in the field. It serves as a platform for continuous learning, networking, and fostering innovation within the marketing community.

For further information, sponsorship opportunities, and registration details, interested individuals can contact Rudo at 0787933120 or email Don’t miss the chance to be part of a transformative event that will shape the future of marketing and business in 2024. Embrace change, conquer challenges, and excel with MAZ

The Awards season is upon us!

The Marketers Association of Zimbabwe -Top Brands and Marketing Excellence wards is upon us with provincial and national awards lined up in the month of September.

The awards, organised and hosted by Marketers Association of Zimbabwe were introduced in the year 2012 to encourage and celebrate excellence across the marketing process within the business spectrum.

These awards recognise organisations and people who have achieved outstanding success in their planning and implementation of marketing and related area strategies annually.

For 2023, MAZ has decentralised the Exceptional Marketing Awards (EMA) which were traditionally hosted at the Marketers Convention to Manicaland, Bulawayo and Harare.

The decentralisation of the EMA awards is meant to recognise marketing efforts by regional or provincial executives in abide to promote marketing orientation across Zimbabwe.

Manicaland province hosted their first ever, Manicaland Top Brands & Marketing Excellence Awards on the 15th of September, 2023.

The awards ceremony held at Holiday Inn Mutare were highly attended a sign that regional brands also appreciate the recognition.

The Matabeleland Top Brands Marketing Excellence Awards will be held at the ZITF Hall 2 on 22 September, 2023.

The dress code for the awards ceremony is Black tie with an African Touch.

Categories to be awarded for the provincial awards are;

1.       Best Video / TV advert of the Year 2023

2.       Best Radio Advert of the Year 2023

3.       Best Print Advert of the Year 2023

4.       Best Outdoor Advert of the Year 2023

5.       Best Social Media and Digital Marketing Campaign of the Year 2023

6.       Best Customer Experience of the Year 2023

7.       Best Marketing Oriented SME of the Year 2023

8.       Best Corporate Social Responsibility of the Year 2023

9.       Best Regional Consumer Brand of the Year 2023

10.    Best Regional Corporate Brand of the Year 2023

11.    Regional Marketing Champion of the Year 2023

The National EMA awards would be held at the Golden Conifer in Harare on the 29th of September, 2023.

The awards would be held under the theme ‘Igniting creativity and growth for brand success.’

The National Exceptional Marketing Awards were traditionally held at the Annual Marketers Convention and the first stand-alone awards were held last year at Cresta Lodge.

For the National awards, there are 25 categories from which only one best personality, advert, and campaign will be selected as the best together with two runner ups, first and second respectively.

MAZ Executive Secretary, Gillian Rusike highlighted the importance of recognising and celebrating marketing excellence.

“The Top Brands and Marketing Excellence Awards seek to pick out the outstanding brands and executives pushing those brands countrywide.

There has been a paradigm shift in the manner in which business is done globally and so has marketing evolved in the past years. There are new focus areas for brands and we want to celebrate those brands that have managed to stand out,” said Mr Rusike.

He said the regional awards are in line with Government’s devolution agenda.

“With the government agenda on devolution, MAZ has seen it necessary to foster growth of regional brands. The time has come for brands that dominate in the regions to rise up and spearhead regional growth of the region. Further, these brands should strive not only to become household brands in their regions only, but to dominate every household in Zimbabwe, and start entering regional markets, in SADC first, and Africa as a whole,” said Mr Rusike.

Categories for the National EMA awards;

  1. Best Radio Advert of the Year 2023
  2. Best Print Advert of the Year 2023
  3. Best Outdoor Advert of the Year 2023
  4. Best Websites of the Year 2023
  5. Best Social Media and Digital Marketing Campaign of the Year 2023
  6. Best Customer Experience of the Year 2023
  7. Best New Product or Innovation of the Year 2023
  8. Best Marketing Oriented SME of the Year 2023
  9. Best Marketing Services Supplier of the Year 2023
  10. Best Corporate Event of the Year 2023
  11. Best Interactive Marketing / Gaming Excellence of the Year 2023
  12. Excellence in Viral Marketing of the Year 2023
  13. Best Promotional Campaign of the Year 2023
  14. Best B2B Marketing Campaign of the Year 2023
  15. Best Corporate Social Responsibility of the Year 2023
  16. Best Marketing Student of the Year 2023 (Outstanding Dissertation)
  17. Young Achiever / Upcoming Marketer of the Year 2023
  18. Best Creative Designer of the Year 2023
  19. Best Customer Experience Personality of the Year 2023
  20. Brand Manager of the Year 2023
  21. Digital Marketing Practitioner of the Year 2023
  22. Public Relations Practitioner of the Year 2023
  23. Sales Manager of the Year 2023
  24. Champion Marketer (Executive) of the Year 2023
  25. Marketing Oriented CEO / Managing Director of the Year 2023.

At last year’s National EMA awards, Zimbabwe International Trade Fair, deputy CEO, Stella Nkomo was adjudged as the National Marketer of the year.

The National Marketer of the year award is given to an individual who has spearheaded or implemented a financially viable campaign. The award winner should be innovative and a team player.

MAZ president, Lillian Mbayiwa was the first runner and National Foods’ Group Marketing executive, Lawrence Kutinyu was the second runner up.

In a tightly contested Best Marketing Oriented CEO/Managing Director of the year category, Varun Beverages Vijay Bahl emerged as winner with Nyaradzo’s Group, Philip Mataranyika was first runner up while Dr Nicholas Ndebele and Professor Robson Mafoti became the second runner ups respectively

The award criteria looks at the following; forward thinking, a risk taker and a person who always comes up with innovative ideas. The person must be able to motivate and inspire marketers to make sure that executions meet with objectives.

United Refineries Limited’s sales Manager Conchita Jo-Anne Vermack was named as the Sales Manager of the year. She was battling it out with Sydney Tafadzwa Chasekwa, the Sales Manager of POSB Zimbabwe and Piwai Tafuma who is the Sales Manager of The Legacy Car Rental.

This award is given to an individual who has managed to improve the company’s sales. The person must have interpersonal skills to communicate with customers.

Women in Marketing, an arm of Marketers Association of Zimbabwe has donated sanitary wear to about 500 pupils at Jonasi Secondary School and to the Teen Rescue Mission all from Seke in Chitungwiza Harare.

The sanitary pads were raised mainly through a fitness and wellness Fun Day organised by the WIM in March during Women’s Month and some were donated by the Population Services Zimbabwe (PSZ).

The sanitary wear was handed over to pupils at Jonasi Secondary School from Form 1 to A’level by the WIM in conjuction with MAZ.

In a speech at the handover ceremony, MAZ Head Marketing and Operations, Enia Zimunya encouraged the girl child to focus on their academic.

“As Marketers Association of Zimbabwe and Women in Marketing we are saying girls should not be absent from school because they are on their period. 

Because we want a girl who is empowered and educated can excel so we don’t want you to miss school, “said Zimunya.

Zimunya encouraged the pupils to also consider taking up Marketing as a career of choice. 

Zimunya thanked corporates that supported the ‘Donate a pad campaign’ namely Image Magic Corporate , Turbo Baby wear , Proton , Dandemutande , ZimPure and Population Services Zimbabwe.

PSZ Demand Generation Officer Eugenia Five taught the girls the importance of menstrual hygiene.

She shared on various types of sanitary wear, one can use during their menstrual cycle these include, the menstrual cup , re-usable sanitary pads and disposable pads.

She also encouraged the use of re-usable sanitary pads which were more cost effective. 

““We don’t want girls to miss school because they do not have sanitary wear hence we also encourage you to get re-usable sanitary pads if you cannot afford the disposable ones every month,” said Five.

During the engagement the pupils highlighted some of the challenges they face when they are on their menstrual cycle.

Some of them revealed that they did not use appropriate sanitary wear due to lack of money to buy and used alternative material available at home.

The school’s head girl thanked MAZ and PSZ for the kind gesture which she said was very much appreciated.

The remaining pads were handed over to Teen Rescue Mission, a non-profit organisation based in Seke, Chitungwiza.

The organisation works with underprivileged youths in the area and is working on the fight against the drug and substance abuse scourge.

Last year, the Women in marketing desk donated over 3 000 sanitary pads Chagugudza Primary School in Domboshava and Tsanganzuru Secondary School in Rusape.

In 2021, the CSR arm of WIM took their first initiative to Chingwere Primary School and donated pads to the young girls.

According to the study by SNV Zimbabwe, 72% of menstruating school girls do not use sanitary products simply because they cannot afford them.

The study further established that 62% of school girls are forced to miss school every month due to a lack of sanitary wear.

The lack of sanitary products results in alternative dangerous methods to manage the flow such as the use of rags, cardboard, tissues, newspapers, leaves and cow dung amongst others.

While 96 percent of girls in urban areas and 89 percent in rural areas reported using disposable sanitary materials, there are no containers for disposing used materials, and no supplies for cleaning after toilet use.

Often, the facilities are not accessible to girls with disabilities. Seventy-seven percent of girls from both rural and urban schools reported not having access to private and lockable compartments to change at school.

Marketers Association of Zimbabwe has successfully completed and handed over a fowl run to Teen Rescue Mission, a non-profit organisation based in Seke as it joined the national fight against drug abuse.

The fowl run project is part of Teen Rescue Mission’s (TRM) projects aimed at keeping youths off drugs through self-sustainable projects in the community.

MAZ through its Annual Charity Golf Day held last year under the theme ‘Rescue a Teen from Substance Abuse’ raised funds which were channelled towards the construction of the fowl run to accommodate 10 000 chickens.

Speaking at the handover ceremony last week, MAZ Executive Secretary Rusike encouraged the youths to take the project serious and abstain from drugs.

“To the youths, we are living in hard and dangerous times. It takes your personal motive and desire to make the right choices that will determine your future.

Drugs and substance abuse are real and they destroy your life, our hope and prayer is that if you spend time here feeding the chickens and doing gardening then you will be able to keep busy and avoid drug and substance abuse that has become rampant in our communities,” said Rusike.

He said the chicken project is meant to benefit the youths. 

“Be ambitious young people and you will make it,” he said.

Rusike thanked the golfers and the Marketers Golf Society for the support they rendered that ensured that the project is successfully initiated and completed.

TRM executive director Abraham Matuka appreciated the support by MAZ in ensuring

“They say give a child not a fish but a fishing rod, you have given us a fishing road which we are promising to utilise this project so that it becomes a success,” said Matuka.

He said his organisation is not only fighting the drug abuse scourge but also supporting child headed families, single mothers, orphans in the community through empowerment projects.

MAZ board member and Marketers Golf Society representative, Andrew Tawodzera applauded the two organisations for the initiative which he said will make a lasting impression in the community. 

Tawodzera paid tribute to the MAZ for the noble idea behind the MAZ Charity Foundation which spearheads charity initiatives.

“As Marketers Golf Society we pledge to continue working with them to support their charity initiatives.

To the youths here, I say this is a seed that has been sown here. The potential of the seed sown here is very big. Your foundation is food supply. Let’s all take responsibility and work as a team that way we will go far,” said Tawodzera.

Beneficiaries of the project thanked MAZ and committed to ensuring that the project yields the desired results through hard work.

In attendance at the handover ceremony were local head man Besa, MAZ Vice President Liberty Kazhanje, Head Marketing and Operations, Enia Zimunya, MGS executive Alaina Suliwa, MAZ staff, Teen Rescue Mission Board, staff and beneficiaries

MAZ has over the years  been involved in different corporate social responsibility initiatives through the MAZ Charity Golf Tournament that include the ‘donate  a shoe campaign’ which saw the Association handing over school shoes to Chokera Primary School in Masvingo  in 2018 and donated school shoes to Mathew Rusike in Epworth in 2019 as well.

In 2020, proceeds from the Charity Golf Tournament were used to buy sunscreen lotions which were donated to the Zimbabwe Albino Association.

In the same year, the MAZ Charity Foundation responded to the Covid 19 pandemic by donating food baskets and other basic commodities at the Methodist church in Epworth.  

The Charity Foundation also donated stationery to Dambudzo Primary School in the Midlands province. The school had its roof blown away by heavy rains and a lot of infrastructure and learning material was destroyed.

Last year, the Charity Foundation handed over food, basic commodities and toiletries to the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS) in Chinhoyi.

The donation was made possible through proceeds from the 2021 Charity Golf Tournament held under the theme ‘Prison Campaign’ as well as groceries donated by National Foods.

MAZ corporate and individual members participated in the annual tournament but it was a Charity tournament open to everyone who is interested in playing golf.

This year’s Charity Golf Day has been slated for July 21 at the ZRP Golf Club. The fundraising objective is to raise funds and acquire bedding for a Paediatric ward in a public hospital.

The target is to raise USD$10 000 which will go towards the purchase of blankets, sheets and bedcovers for a Paediatric ward.

Marketers Association of Zimbabwe on Friday 26 May, 2023 unveiled the 2023 top 200 brands at a Breakfast Meeting, which marks the second phase of the Superbrand research process that seeks to identify top perfoming brands on the market.

The unveiling of the Top 200 brands was held under the theme ‘Anchoring brands on ESG’ at a Breakfast meeting attended by over 100 marketers, brand managers and senior executives at Monomotapa Hotel.

The unveiling of the top 200 brands, is an annual event which culminates to the Superbrand Awards held at the end of the year.

In her welcome remarks at the Breakfast meeting, MAZ president, Lillian Mbayiwa highlighted the importance of the Superbrand Awards.

“Ladies and gentleman, the Superbrand Awards are critical to every brand custodian, brand manager, or marketing or public relations practitioner. They give insights on your brand’s performance and customer feedback.

“The Superbrand Awards are a very key indicator of your brand’s standing in the market. After the Awards are conducted, a detailed report is published with information that is increasingly being used by practitioners to gain insights on their brand performance, as well all benchmark their performance by gauging how they are performing each year,” said Mbayiwa.

Mbayiwa highlighted that MAZ has ensured the consistency and credibility of the research process to ensure that the Superbrand results are credible.

“Through the inclusion of auditors, adjudicators and independent researchers, MAZ strives to ensure that the results are consumer determined, with no influence from members,” she said.

Mbayiwa acknowledged the support of sponsors, partners, adjudicators, research partner, auditors and all brands that partake in the Superbrand Awards.

In her remarks, Superbrand Chairperson, Carol White highlighted the notable growth of the money transfer sector in the country.

“The market of local and international money transfer (“remittances”) keeps growing considerably and it has been an advantage to the money transfer sector, and we are delighted to have new brands competing in the Superbrand this year,” she said.

White said the Superbrand research process is very thorough and it is ongoing after the unveiling of the Top 200 brands.

“I would like to emphasize that from the very beginning, the consumer is very much a determinant factor in the Superbrand research. It is the consumer who continues to be the backbone of the Superbrand process. 

This year the MAZ Research department in conjunction with Expert Research Insights will again conduct a rigorous research process,” she said.

White encouraged brand to continue re-inventing themselves to be the best brands despite the challenges in the economy.

“We urge all brands to continue reinventing themselves, increasing the customer experiences and satisfying their customers. Make it a motto to provide quality service and products to your customers,” she said.

MAZ Head Operations and Marketing , Enia Zimunya unveiled the 2023 Superbrand partners namely ,the research partner, Expert Research Insights , auditors, Grant Thornton, media partners , 3ktv , Daily News , Financial Gazette , Zimpapers , Alliance Media, ZTN , ZiFm Stereo, Zim Independent.

She also thanked the 2023 Superbrand Business Breakfast main sponsors, Econet Wireless, Nyaradzo Group, Pure Drop and ZB Financial Holdings.

She paid tribute to the giveaway sponsors for the continued support.

After the unveiling ceremony, the 200 brands are taken back to the consumers for market research.

After the consumer research the results are then presented to the adjudication committee for their final verification and endorsement. The adjudication panel will also make further analysis, taking into account brand achievements during the particular year.

The final results are then presented at the Annual Superbrand Awards ceremony, which is the most prestigious event of the year. Top 20 Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C) brands and Sectoral leading brands are given awards.

After the Awards, a report is published profiling top brands.

Birthed in 2010, the awards celebrate brands that break new ground and go beyond excellence in service delivery and brands that are always on the mind of the consumer.

Over the years, the Superbrand Awards have become a premiere business event that brings together over 400 business executives among them brand custodians and marketers as well as chief executive officers.

Econet Wireless was adjudged as Zimbabwe’s Superbrand for the year 2022.

Zimbabwean business and brands have been implored to join the global movement on environmental, social governance compliance and build purposeful brands around it. 

A top business executive highlighted that ESG matters represent the trifecta of environmental, social, and governance values that are reshaping the business landscape across the globe.

Speaking at the Superbrand Breakfast Meeting held on May 26 in Harare, ZB Financial Holdings CEO, Shepherd Fungura said ESG is 

 not a mere acronym; it’s a revolution that calls for every business to act. 

“Zimbabwe has joined this global movement, proudly waving the flag of ESG compliance across sectors, signaling to the world that we mean business, both figuratively and literally. But let’s be clear—ESG is not just about checking off boxes or jumping on the bandwagon.

It’s about embedding purpose in every fibre of our brands. It’s about understanding that profit and purpose are not adversaries but dance partners,” said Fungura.

In a speech read on his behalf by ZB Agency Banking Manager Emilliah Mabika , Fungura said purposeful brands transcend transactions and become a beacon of hope, inspiring change in the world. 

“That’s the power of purposeful branding fuelled by ESG. It’s about connecting with our customers on a deeper level, speaking to their aspirations, and showing them that their choices matter. When we align our brands with their values and weave sustainability into our DNA, we create an unbreakable bond,” said Fungura.

He added: “Let’s take a moment to appreciate the strategic role of sustainability in shaping our financial reporting. It’s not just about numbers on a spreadsheet; it’s about telling a story—a story of resilience, innovation, and long-term value creation.

Fungura pointed out that investors were increasingly scrutinising organisation’s ESG performance, recognizing that a brand with a strong ESG foundation is built to weather storms, navigate uncertainties, and emerge as a winner in the eyes of shareholders.

He said ESG is no longer an abstract concept; it’s a call to action for each and everyone and it’s a reminder that we are not just corporate entities but corporate citizens. 

“We have a duty to our communities, our employees, and our planet. The people concept and the planet concept must intertwine, waltzing gracefully to the rhythm of progress. By embracing ESG, we demonstrate that profitability can coexist with empathy, that business success is not measured solely by financial gains but also by the positive impact we create,” said Fungura.

Fungura said ESG is a journey of transformation that propels brands to new heights. 

“It’s about harnessing the power of renewable energy, reducing our carbon footprint, and revolutionizing our operations. As our brands shine brighter, we attract not just customers but a tribe of loyal advocates who proudly align themselves with our purpose. Together, we become a force for change, rewriting the narrative of what it means to be a successful brand in the 21st century,” he said.

In his conclusion, he implored marketers to embrace ESG as the catalyst that propels brands towards unprecedented success.

“Let us break free from the shackles of conventional thinking and embark on a journey of purpose with profit. Together, we can create brands that transcend boundaries, inspire generations, and leave an indelible mark on our society. The time for change is now, and the power lies in our hands,” he said.

MAZ president, Ms Lillian Mbayiwa in her opening remarks highlighted that the Association had taken a deliberate step to promote ESG matters hence the theme for the Breakfast Meeting.

“Environmental, Social and Governance matters have become topical in every sector and we are saying marketers must be at the forefront of promoting ESG issues through incorporating ESG matters in their strategies. 

As MAZ we have gone further to appoint an ESG specialist on our Board as well as having a committee that will spearhead these issues and we hope these will cascade to all our corporate members,” said Mbayiwa.

It is that time of the year when the Marketers Association of hosts the Superbrand Business
Breakfast Meeting where it unveils the Top 200 Zimbabwean brands.
The unveiling of the Top 200 brands culminates to the Superbrand Awards ceremony at the
end of the year.
This year’s unveiling of the Top 200 brands is set for May 26 at the Monomotapa Hotel from
0730hrs to 10:30hrs.
Guest Speaker at this very important event that marks the Second phase of the Superbrand
Awards is ZB Financial Holdings Chief Executive Officer, Sheperd Fungura.
This year’s Superbrand Breakfast Meeting will be held under the theme ‘Anchoring Brands
Success on ESG’.
MAZ Executive Secretary, Gillian Rusike highlighted that this year’s theme focuses on brands
that are environment conscious.
“The marketing game has to immediately take a different look and feel because of the need
for brands to be sustainably oriented. It is those brands and services that are
environmentally and socially conscious. As marketers we have a great responsibility to
ensure that the brand personalities we create have a positive impact and a deliberate
appeal to sustainability.
The future is encored on the roles that our products and services that are enjoyed today
create for a better tomorrow,” said Mr Rusike.
What is Superbrand?
Adopted in Zimbabwe in 2009, the concept seeks to recognized and reward the best brands
in the country, with the finest reputation within a specified period of time.
It aims to identify brands that are performing above and beyond others within the market.
As a result, corporates and the community at large realize real economic value from this
noble concept.
A Superbrand offers customers and other stakeholders’ significant emotional and tangible
benefits over its competitors, consciously and subconsciously.
For a brand to be deemed a Superbrand it requires the consistent management of the
company’s values, beliefs and product quality – not just at the head office or factory but
wherever a brand touches the consumer.
The reputation and credibility of the Superbrand awards lies in its process. The selection and
awarding of brands are consumer based. In line with the globally accepted norms, the
shortlisting and awarding of brands is based on a nationwide consumer research and then

an evaluation by the Adjudication team. Only those brands with the highest scores from the
consumer research are granted the Superbrand title.
The Research Process
There are two critical groups of stakeholders that ensure all phases of the Superbrand
Process are duly carried out. These are the Adjudication Committee and auditors.
I. Superbrand Process Audit
The Superbrand Process is audited right from the first phase up to the last. The current
auditors are Grant Thornton. Grant Thornton is one of the fastest growing professional
services firms in Zimbabwe. The firm provides a comprehensive range of services which
includes, among others, audit & assurance, tax and specialist business advisory services to
listed companies, large privately held businesses, private equity backed organisations, and
public interest entities. The auditors ensure that all the Superbrand processes are duly
carried out making the Superbrand Process one of the most credible processes.
II. Superbrand Adjudication Committee
The Adjudication committee is made up of leading experts who have a deep appreciation of
brands & branding landscape in Zimbabwe. It comprises of gurus from various industries
and academia within Zimbabwe. The Adjudication committee is involved in the process right
from the start. They verify and endorse the brands as selected by the consumers, right up to
the awards ceremony.

The detailed Superbrand research process is as follows;

  1. The shortlisting of 200 brands
    The first phase is the selection of the brands that participate in the Superbrand research.
    The shortlisting of brands is based on a nationwide consumer research which is centred on
    top-of-mind brand awareness. It is from this process that the brands are ranked according
    to the number of spontaneous brand mentions. This thereby makes the consumers the
    critical stakeholders of the Superbrand process, who have the power to select and rate
    brands that participate in the process.
  2. Unveiling of the brands.

After the brand selection phase, the top 200 selected brands are then unveiled at the
Superbrand Business Breakfast meeting. Before the unveiling of the brands, the
adjudication committee has the chance to verify the shortlisting process and endorses the
top 200 brands of the year.

  1. Field Research
    After the unveiling ceremony, the 200 brands are taken back to the consumers for market
    research. A sample size of 3000 consumers which comprises of 1500 individual consumers
    (B2C survey) and 1500 businesses (B2B Survey) are interviewed.

A stratified random sampling procedure is employed on the B2C survey, involving
interviewing random consumers from stratified groups of households, in proportion to
population distribution. The survey is conducted amongst Zimbabwean adults aged
between 15 years and 65 years.

Under the business to business category, business representatives who normally deal with
other corporate brands on a regular basis are interviewed. These are individuals that hold
important positions in management, marketing, accounting and procurement to mention
a few. Also people who are involved in technical operations, for example builders,
engineers, data scientists, health and medical professional are also interviewed.

In data analysis, brands are ranked according to the following variables:
For Business to Business:
a. Number of spontaneous mentions
b. Number of prompted mentions
c. Perceived Market Dominance ratings
d. Brand Resilience ratings
e. Customer Goodwill ratings
f. Customer Loyalty ratings
g. Overall Market Acceptance ratings
And for Business to Consumer:
a. Number of spontaneous mentions
b. Number of prompted mentions
c. Product / Service Experience ratings

d. Product / Service Accessibility ratings
e. Product / Service Pricing ratings
f. Product / Service Loyalty ratings
g. Product / Service Innovation ratings

  1. Adjudication of results
    After the consumer research the results are then presented to the adjudication committee for
    their final verification and endorsement. The adjudication panel will also make further
    analysis, taking into account brand achievements during the particular year. The Adjudication
    Panel make critical analysis beyond the market research results to ensure that brands are not
    just awarded because they are popular or well known, but are awarded due to their impact or
    achievements during each particular year.
  2. The Superbrand Awards Ceremony
    The final results are then presented at the Annual Superbrand Awards ceremony, which is
    the most prestigious event of the year. Top 20 Business to Business (B2B), Business to
    Consumer (B2C) brands and Sectoral leading brands are given awards.
  3. The Superbrand Report Publication
    After the Awards, a report is published profiling top brands. Participants can also take up the
    advertising space in the Superbrand Report. Individual brand reports giving market insights
    from the market research are also compiled and distributed to participating brands. The
    individual brand reports contains a wealth of market information that assists in the
    formulation of strategy.

The research Partner
To ensure quality in the research process, MAZ has a Superbrand research partner
committed to assist in the research work. For 2021, Expert Research Insights (XRI) (Private)
Limited was the Superbrand Research Partner. Expert Research Insights (XRI) (Private)
Limited is a market research agency with expertise in both Quantitative and Qualitative
research solutions. XRI assists in developing the instrumentation plan which serves as a road
map for the research. The research partner also assists in developing operational
procedures in Data collection, data analyses and making recommendations for the
Superbrand research process.

To be part of the 2023 Superbrand Business Breakfast Meeting contact Rudo on 0787 933
120 or or Wesley on 0772 999 158 or

The Annual Superbrand Awards hosted by Marketers Association of Zimbabwe are focusing on how brands visibility and dominant in light of the new normal which focuses on customer experience.

The awards set for November 25, at their traditional venue, the Harare International Conference Centre will be held under the theme ‘Brand Relevance and Dominance in the Age of the New Customer’.

“Our 2022 focus is on how brands can be relevant to the new customer as you are aware that customers are very dynamic these days because of different forces around them. These days’ customers have more power and more voice so we are trying to see how our brands can align to meet and satisfy the dynamic changes of this day customer.” said MAZ Executive Secretary, Mr Gillian Rusike.

Mr Rusike said; “for brands to excel it’s about being able to meet the needs of the customer, so it is about how the marketers and brand managers adjust their brands to meet the needs of the new age customers”

Mr Rusike pointed out how the Covid-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war had contributed to the shift on customer’s demand.

“A lot of this changed because of Covid, purchasing power, consumption patterns and the Ukraine-Russia war also affected the fuel prices, wheat prices henceforth changing the views of the consumer,” said Mr Rusike.

Guest of Honour at the event is Honourable Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services and Marketers Association of Zimbabwe Patron, Senator Monica Mutsvangwa.

He said the President of the Zambia Institute of Marketing Mr Mwewa Besa will be the Guest Speaker at the Superbrand Awards.

Mr Rusike highlighted that they invited Mr Mwesa to speak to Zimbabwean marketers on the opportunities availed by the fast growing Zambian market.

“There a lot of opportunities that the Zambian market can pause to our brands because the Zambian economy has shifted to better place. Zambia is one economy that is doing great so it will be an advantage for our local brands to have an engagement with the Zambian Market,” he said.

On the dress code, Mr Rusike said this year’s edition theme is ‘Oscars with a splash of colour.’

“Touch of colour symbolises life, happiness because we are happy that this year is coming to an end and we are looking forward to a happy festive season, so we decided the Superbrand be themed in that manner with a trajectory that everyone is into; the festive mood,” he said.

The Superbrand concept is an international concept that was adapted in Zimbabwe by the Marketers Association of Zimbabwe, in the year 2010. The concept aims to identify brands that are performing above and beyond others within the market.

The Superbrand awards seek to encourage brands to do their best and always be perpetually innovative, creative and engage with the customer.

A Superbrand offers customers and other stakeholders significant emotional and tangible benefits over its competitors, consciously and subconsciously.

Once critical element that makes the Superbrand awards lies in its process, brands undergo a thorough recruitment process by the consumers followed by consumer rating through consumer research and then an evaluation by the Adjudication team.

The Top 200 brands were unveiled in May this year and on the Awards dinner night, the top brands of the year will be awarded.