The Digital Marketing Class of October 2019 completed their course in April 2020 and the Marketers Association of Zimbabwe (MAZ) is proud to announce that 40 students are now certified Digital Marketers.  

However, due to the COVID19 pandemic and the observance of the regulations to stop the spread of the virus, MAZ could not hold a graduation for this class. However a mini photo shoot was conducted and students happily celebrated their achievement.

This year, MAZ Digital Marketing classes were shifted from physical classes to online classes since May 2020.

MAZ has managed to recruit more classes despite this change, as we are truly now digital! Hosting ZOOM classes has also given MAZ the opportunity to have bigger classes and to spread its reach to other cities. Currently MAZ has four Digital Marketing classes being hosted online and we are currently recruiting for an October intake.

Digital Marketing is now one of the most sought out qualification globally especially during this COVID19 struggle. Most people have had to work from home, hence digital skills are now on high demand in order to work effectively.

MAZ is also pleased to let you know that it has revised the Certificate in Digital Marketing program and has come up with a new curriculum structure. The new program title is Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing (PCDM). The new demand for virtual business has also brought the need, not only for hands-on professionals to acquire Digital Marketing skills, but also for Senior executives to have adequate appreciation of it.

As a result, MAZ have also introduced the Executive Certificate in Digital Marketing (ECDG). This is an 8 weeks course whose lessons will be conducted once a week for this duration. The first intake will commence on 5 October 2020 and enrolment is currently in progress.

For those who wish to register for the Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing (PCDM) and the Executive Certificate in Digital Marketing (ECDG), Kindly contact or Givemore Zindonda on