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Physical enumeration counts by trained personal of cars passing through intersections


27 March 2017 – 10 April 2017


Placing outdoor advertisements largely depends on the type of target market

Adverts that place lower end goods can be strategically placed at intersections that service low income commuters and vice versa

  • Light motor vehicles exceed other forms of transport in usage patterns
  • Motor Cycles are the least used forms of transport
  • Although bus usage is low potential sites visits are higher
  • Glenara and Samora Machel Intersection has the highest number of vehicles passing through followed by Rotten Row and Samora Machel along Samora Machel Avenue and coming in third is Mutare Road on TM roundaboutThe least busiest intersections are Chiremba and Alexander Drive
    Rotten Row and Samora Machel(along Rotten Row)

Key Insights

  • Traffic volume research is an effective way of collecting data for different types of developmental issues and should be done consistently throughout the year
  • In Marketing Traffic volume research assists marketers in placing the right billboards on correct intersections that target their consumers
  • Seke Road and Kenneth Kaunda Road have the highest reach of potential visits followed by Samora Machel and Rotten Row
  • Marketers should strategically place outdoor media according to the living standards measures of their potential target markets

Way Forward

There is a need to cover all intersections in the city and other small

towns as well.

Traffic Flow Research should ideally be conducted at least once a year

To get your copy kindly contact (N.B members to receive the report at a discounted rate)

Constantine @

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