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Annual Continuous Development Master Class

This is an intensive training program, in conjunction with the Institute of Marketing Management (IMM), which is meant to equip marketers with skills and knowledge that will transform their various organisations in the long run and is divided into two phases. It was previously known as the Marketers Winter School.

Phase 1: Marketing Practitioners

The first class of the Winter School is for marketers aspiring to become Marketing Practitioners. The Marketing Practitioner Status, (MPS) is a prestigious status, recognized by industry to authenticate one’s skills in marketing. Previous topics for the first class included Strategic Marketing Planning, Dynamics of Promotional Strategy and Transitioning into insight driven experiences. This is targeted at senior marketers or those in related professions but are in senior positions.

Eligible candidates

Holders of a Marketing Degree/ or Higher Diploma in Marketing from a recognised institute, with a minimum of 2 years’ experience in a senior marketing position.

Phase 2: Continuous Professional Development

This phase is open to marketing, sales teams, public relations practitioners, digital marketers and customer service executives. This particular phase is continuously refreshed each year and is for those professionals who want to keep abreast with marketing trends and solidify their industry knowledge. Some of the topics that the last class covered in June 2017 include:

  • Adopting the Customer Experience Management Approach
  • Integration of Mobile, Video and Gamification in Marketing Strategies.
  • Corporate Reputation Management in the Digital Age
  • Financial Inclusivity in Marketing Decision Making and Interpretation of Financial Statements
  • Career Progression of a Marketer: From Marketer to CEO
  • Disruptive Advertising in the 21st Century: An African Perspective
  • Sales Strategy, BusinessDevel opment and Marketing Alignment

For more details contact training@mazim.co.zw or eniaz@mazim.co.zw

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