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Superbrand Awards 2017 – Join the brand excellence celebration

Monday, November 20, 2017

Superbrand Awards has earned a solid reputation as far as celebrating brand excellence is concerned. These awards which were birthed in 2010 celebrate brands that go beyond excellence in service delivery and those that are top in the minds of the consumer. The awards ceremony, which will be a black tie event, is going to take place on the 8th of December 2017 at the Rainbow Towers. This prestigious event of the year, seeks to recognise and reward brand excellence and at the same time celebrate brands that have established the finest reputation in their various fields.

Brand that will be awarded at the ceremony are brands that offer customers and other stakeholders’ significant emotional and tangible benefits over its competitors, consciously and subconsciously. For a brand to be deemed a Superbrand it requires the consistent management of the company’s values, beliefs and product quality – not just at the head office or factory but wherever a brand touches the consumer. During this ceremony the top ten business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) brands are given awards. The brands are also further categorized and ranked in their respective sectors based on the weighted scores. It is according to these scores that sectorial leaders and their runner-ups are also given awards. One critical element that makes Superbrand authentic over a lot of awards is the fact that the process is consumer driven where the participating brands are chosen and rated by the consumers through a nationwide consumer survey.

To reach the stage of the Superbrand Awards there are three steps that are undertaken. The first phase is the selection of brands that participate in the research. In line with international norms, the shortlisting of brands is done by both the adjudication committee and the consumers through a nationwide research that is done by an independent research company. 200 brands are shortlisted during this phase. After the brand selection phase, these selected brands will be unveiled at the Superbrand Launch ceremony. The top 200 brands for 2017 were unveiled on the 31st of May, earlier this year.

Before the unveiling of the brands the Adjudication Committee has a chance to verify the shortlisting process and endorsed these top brands for the year in Zimbabwe. After the unveiling ceremony, the 200 brands will be taken back to the consumers for market research. The brands are ranked based on the consumer ratings.  A sample 3000 consumers comprising of 1500 Business to Business and 1500 Business to Consumers is chosen.

Lastly after the consumer research the results are presented to the adjudication committee for final verification and endorsement. The auditors also present the audit report to the adjudication committee as far as the field research is concerned. After the adjudication phase, the final results are then presented at the Annual Superbrand Awards ceremony. After which, a report profiling these top brands is published. Participants can also take up the advertising space in the Superbrand Report. Individual brand reports giving market insights from the market research are also compiled and distributed to participating brands. The individual brand reports contains a wealth of market information provide brand owners with insights from consumers.

For those who wish to attend the awards, kindly contact David on superbrand@mazim.co.zw or davidcd@mazim.co.zw

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