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Get your Digital Marketing Certificate Qualification in 2018

Friday, February 9, 2018

Get your Digital Marketing Certificate Qualification in 2018

In recent years, there has been an emphasis on the need to have digital marketing skills, especially because we are already in a digital era. At MAZ, we give you a platform to enhance your skills through the Certificate in Digital Marketing. This is a 6 – month programme which was introduced in 2016 and has seen over 150 participants graduating. The 6 month programme is predominantly targeted at those who are responsible for implementing Digital Media Campaigns for their organisations or for their own business. This is also targeted at those who wanted in-depth knowledge in the field and also want to enhance their qualifications. It is designed for individuals ready to expand their skills set in today’s internet driven market

The focus for this qualification is more than just attending a certificate at the end of the 6 month journey, but it is meant to equip you with practical knowledge on how to handle digital media on a day to day basis.  It explores the several aspects of the new digital marketing environment and integrates them to current business operations. It including modules like digital marketing analytics, social media marketing, search engine optimisation, mobile marketing, Email marketing, content creation, website management, using social media for business and blogging for business. You will also be able to translate that into revenue and also track progress of your digital marketing tools.

MAZ also introduced the 6 week programme which is called the Introduction to Digital Marketing. This programme is for those who do not necessarily handle digital media on a regular basis, but still want a basic understanding. This is mainly targeted at non- marketing personnel, senior level executives, SME business leaders and business owners.

To register and know about intake dates kindly contact Denise on training@mazim.co.zw 


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