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Enroll for the ZimChartered Marketer programme

Friday, February 9, 2018

Enroll for the ZimChartered Marketer programme

Marketers in Zimbabwe are often credited with having an abundance of theoretical knowledge rather than practical skills. Some marketers in high level positions simply became successful by adopting strategies that have been in existence for the past 10 years and sometimes in organisations that are either controlled regionally or internationally. However being a marketer should go beyond implementing hand me down tactics and actually testing marketing skills by focusing on entrepreneurial development. It is for this reason that Marketers Association of Zimbabwe launched the ZimChartered Marketer program in 2014. Recruitment for the 2018 programme is currently underway.

The ZimChartered Marketer programme is a prestigious marketing status that is accorded to marketing professionals in and around Zimbabwe.  It seeks to consolidate theory into practice through mentorship of a small to medium enterprise for a one year period.   It  seeks  to  expose  one  to  the  practical approach  to  marketing  rather  than  being  theoretical. Many local marketers have attained the qualification of being Chartered marketers in the United Kingdom or in the United States. This may be commendable but there is need to localise some qualifications such that they are relevant to the local business environment and local economic setting. Helping African SMEs to flourish is crucial not only for Africa but for the global economy, because it creates a growing middle class with disposable income, in tandem with market opportunities for new investors. . Although one of the greater challenges for SMEs is access to credit, the greater challenge SMEs face is that of marketing.

Hence, the mentorship program for SMEs is primarily targeted as a benefit to MAZ Silver Members, in order to encourage them to grow and be mentored free of charge. In a business mentoring relationship, a seasoned marketer meets with a new or potential business owner one-on-one to give advice and boost morale. Being a mentor of an SME will indeed stretch you and challenge you as a marketer.

The criteria for one to become a ZimChartered Marketer, is as follows:

There are three non-negotiable requirements needed to qualify for enrolment for the

ZimChartered Marketer qualification:

1.  A minimum of eight (8) to ten (10) year broad practical marketing experience.

2.  A professional marketing degree or global equivalent in a marketing discipline that can be authenticated by an institutional authority and is recognized by the Marketers Association of Zimbabwe.

3.  Membership to Marketers Association of Zimbabwe

Benefits of becoming a ZimChartered Marketer are that you will have the privilege of attaining of a highly recognized Marketing qualification in Zimbabwe and beyond. The program addresses the need for marketing professionals to be credible and results oriented.

This is also a platform for enhanced career prospects and is an avenue for continuous personal development in today's dynamic business environment. It offers practical marketing exposure blended with relevant theory. There are two different processes you can go through in order to attain this prestigious title:


1.  Complete Phase 1 and 2 of MAZ Annual Continuous Development Master Class

2.  Choose an SME to mentor

3.  Mentor the SME over a period of 10 months

4.  Provide a report at the end of the period

5.  During the 10 month period attend monthly lectures on marketing topics and do an industry analysis of your choice.


1.  Enrol1 for ZimChartered Program.

2.  C o m p l e t e  P h a s e 1  a n d  P h a s e 2 of the Annual Continuous Development Master Class requirements during the second year program.

3.  Choose an SME

4.  Mentor the SME over a period of 10 months

5.  Provide a report at the end of the period

6.  During the 10 month period attend monthly lectures on marketing topics and do an industry analysis of your choice.

For registration contact eniaz@mazim.co.zw or training@mazim.co.zw


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