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With the ultimate vision to give the Marketing profession the recognition it deserves, the Marketers Association of Zimbabwe (MAZ) was established in 2007 in Harare. Leading to its formation, major challenges were identified within the Marketing profession which included lack of recognition of the profession in the country Zimbabwe as well as gross fragmentation amongst professionals themselves due to lack of an effective networking facility. There was also realisation of the need for the development and implementation of marketing strategies through interactive forums, consequently benefitting the entire industry, government and economy at large. The establishment of the Board has so far made strides in promoting and ensuring that there is due recognition for the marketing profession. Marketing is the major driver of organisational success and is therefore deserving of the utmost respect. Grounded on the corporate values of passion, commitment, transparency, professionalism among others, the Association has promoted continuous career development programmes, which encourages exchange of new generation marketing and business ideas. These have benefited both member and non-member organisations. Marketing is the major driver and backbone of any organisation.

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