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The Name

The Association shall be known as and called the Marketers Association of Zimbabwe, herein after called the “Association” and generally referred to as “M.A.Z”.


To become a leading body of marketing professionals promoting professionalism to the highest standards for the benefit of the industry and the economy at large.


Our mission is to promote marketing excellence and further professionalism in the economy thereby ensuring that outstanding marketing is learnt, recognized and implemented to the highest level for business’ sustainability and development of the economy at large.


  • Promote the implementation of professional marketing ethics and norms in business’ operational systems.
  • Provide a platform for marketing professionals to exchange ideas that enhance the attainment of individual organizational goals and objectives
  • To associate and collaborate with other organizations and / or institutions both locally and internationally in order to broaden the information base for the benefit of our members, organizations and the nation at large
  • Work with relevant authorities in the promotion of provision of quality goods and services by stakeholders hence achieving the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction delivery
  • To facilitate the acquisition and dissemination of information on news on marketing and the establishment of a well informed economic perspective about the profession
  • To make recommendations for the improvement or simplification of the law and practice of marketing.

The need to establish a marketers Association emerged as a result of a number of observed challenges:

Firstly, we have observed that marketing as a profession in the Zimbabwean business context is not being given the recognition it deserves. Most businesses are collapsing because the marketing function is non-existent or is being managed by wrong people who do not hold proper marketing qualification.
Secondly, we have identified gross fragmentation amongst professionals themselves due to lack of networking facility to meet and exchange ideas hence speak with a single voice. The establishment of this Association will enable standards, norms and business ethics from a
marketers’ perspective to be established and observed by all.
Thirdly, at this juncture where the economy requires the development and implementation of marketing strategies, the establishment of this Association will provide an interactive platform. This consequently benefits the entire industry, government and the economy at large.
Fourthly, the image of the profession has been tarnished, especially by infiltrators emerging from other professions claiming undeserved marketing positions. This consequently results in failure to produce the expected results hence the marketing function is regarded as a spender
of acquired resources instead of a major contributor as it should be.
Lastly the establishment of the Association will promote the profession and uplift its status particularly emphasizing its importance across the board and ensure a continuous career development to its members for the benefit of organizations they represent.

To view the full Constitution, please download the PDF version here.

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