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After succeeding as Marketing Practitioners, candidates are then invited to participate into yet another program of the Winter School. This is a three day intensive training done during the Winter School and is purely meant to consolidate the acquired knowledge in the first program and also further introduce other aspects of marketing that are key in the body of marketing in respect of trends after which they are given tasks to be completed in a month after the program. Succeeding at this stage then becomes the last stage in order to participate in the ZimChartered Marketer Program.

Topics Covered:

  • Media Strategy: Client and Agency Relationship, Overview of the Advertising Industry in Zimbabwe.
  • Building a Social Media Campaign
  • Understanding Financial Implication of Marketing Strategies
  • Measuring Return on Investment of Marketing Strategies

All participants will graduate at the completion of the program. Completion of the program entails successfully completing the tasks as approved by the panel of adjudi

Attending the Winter School and graduating as a Marketing Practitioner marks the first level entry of one to become a Chartered Marketer. This sees a careful selection of Marketers who hold relevant and recognized marketing qualification or relevant experience as deemed necessary by the selection committee specifically by invitation into this program. Participants then undergo an intensive three day training after which they are expected to come up with a marketing plan of a company of their choice. On this exercise, of particular interest is to ensure that the basic key marketing concepts, models and principles are appreciated and above all applicable at that level. Once the submitted plan is confirmed as correct the participants are then certified as Marketing Practitioners both by the Marketers Association of Zimbabwe (MAZ) in conjunction with the Institute of Marketing Management (IMM) of South Africa.

Topics Covered:

  • Marketing Metrics and Innovation
  • Strategic Marketing Planning
  • Dynamics of Promotional Strategy
  • The Astute Marketer: How to gain relevance and influence in an organisation.
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