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Some statistics from ZAMpS 2016

Readership of all Harare’s daily papers increased this year. NewsDay increased by 9%, H. Metro by 8%, Daily News by 7%, and The Herald by 5%. Interest in local news increased for all dailies: Daily News by 36% to a whopping 84%, NewsDay by 17%, The Chronicle by 14%, The Herald by 9% and H. Metro by 6%. Newsday and The Chronicle, both with 27% of readers, have the highest on-line following among the daily papers.

While The Sunday Mail retains its pole position among the weekly papers, Kwayedza showed the next greatest growth in readers this year, with a 9% jump, followed by The Standard and Zimbabwe Independent, whose readers increased by 5% respectively. The only two sections of the weeklies that grew this year were local news, now at 72% and business, up 8%.

While most readers prefer to buy their papers, Daily News on Sunday has the highest online readership among the weekly press, with 33% preferring to read it on smartphones, notebooks or in Internet cafes. It is closely followed by The Manica Post with 32% of readers choosing to do so online. Zimbabwe Independent with 27% online readers is third, closely followed by B. Metro with 26%.

Technology Insights

Prepared by TechZim

Zimbabwe has an active mobile penetration rate of 94.3%.

In 2016 the national internet penetration rate was set at 50.1 % represented by 6.732 million connections.

98% of these connections were made via mobile devices.

There are approximately 152,000 active LTE subscribers (August 2016).

There are 334,800 active fixed voice lines (owned by TelOne) 252,275 of those lines are residential.

Only 2.9% of fixed phone lines are in rural areas.

The country has 12,696 million active mobile lines.

Econet owns 6.271 million of these lines,

NetOne has 4,619 million and Telecel 1,8 million.

98.8% of Zimbabwe’s mobile subscriptions are prepaid.

The most popular internet based service in Zimbabwe is WhatsApp. Through WhatsApp bundles, it contributes pproximately 34% of all broadband traffic.

Facebook is the second most popular internet service contributing 4% of bandwidth use.

The 10 most viewed websites by Zimbabweans are


1. Google Zimbabwe (Search Engine)

2. Youtube (Tv and Video)

3. Google International (Search Engine)

4. Facebook (Social Network)

5. Yahoo (Search Engine)

6. Alibaba (Online shopping)

7. Newsday Zimbabwe (News and Media)

8. Herald Zimbabwe (News and Media)

9. Xvideos (Adult Content)

10. Twitter (Social Network)

The top 10 most viewed local Zimbabwean websites


1. Newsday (News and Media)

2. The Herald (News and Media)

3. The Daily News (News and Media)

4. Classifieds (online classifieds/shopping)

5. iHarare (News and Media)

6. Zimeye (News and Media)

7. NewsdzeZimbabwe (News and Media)

8. Nehanda Radio (News and Media)

9. NewZimbabwe (News and Media)

10. Bulawayo24 (News and Media)

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