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Markerters Association of Zimbabwe - MAZ
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Please tick the class preferred below:

1. Introduction to Digital Marketing, (6Week program targeted at those who just need a basic appreciation of Digital Marketing)
2. Certificate in Digital Marketing, (6 Month program targeted at personnel who need the practical day to day Digital Marketing Activities experience)
Introduction to Digital MarketingCertificate in Digital Marketing

Payment Details:

Monthly InstallmentsOnce off Payments


MAZ Payment Details

The information supplied is true and I do here by agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the Marketing Association of Zimbabwe as set out in the constitution and by-laws.

I agree that the info above is true

1. Ecocash Merchant Code: 15535

2. Bank: Stanbic
Account Name: Marketers Association of Zimbabwe
Account No: 9140000158460
Branch: Samora Machel Avenue

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