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Celebrating 10 years of promoting marketing excellence

Formation of the Association

2017 marks a year that Marketers Association of Zimbabwe (MAZ) celebrates 10 years since inception. The Association was formed as a result of major challenges that were identified within the marketing profession, which included lack of recognition of the marketing profession in Zimbabwe and gross fragmentation amongst professionals due to the lack of adequate networking facilities. There are also a realisation of the need for development and implementation of career development programs through interactive platforms, consequently benefitting the entire industry, government and economy at large.

How the journey began

Gillian Rusike, the current Executive Secretary of MAZ got the idea to start this Association in 2004 – 2005. After realising the challenges above and with the mission to promote marketing excellence and promote professionalism, he shared this idea with Truster Chikoore and Memory Ndoro – Mandiya (the then Marketing and Sales Director of Netone). Memory then invited Ruth Ncube, the current Managing Director of First Mutual Life. These four sat down together and began to chart the future of MAZ. On 5 July 2007 MAZ was officially launched and in 2008 the first president of the Association was Ancha Chimbghandah was elected.


MAZ has managed to grow through a strong membership arm which represents the broad spectrum of marketing related professionals, which include, sales, business development, media, advertising, customer service, public relations, digital marketing amongst others. Currently the Association’s membership is split into 2 broad categories, Corporate and Individual Members. Corporate membership is subdivided into 4 packages that Platinum Membership, Gold Membership, Silver Membership and later established in 2017, Tertiary Membership which is for tertiary institutions that have marketing as part of their curriculum. The Individual Membership is categorized into 4 packages which include Honourary Membership, MAZ Fellows, Membership, Full Membership and Student Membership.


MAZ offers an array of training programs meant to keep marketers abreast with the fast changing dynamic environment. The programs include short courses, in-house trainings, and workshops in conjunction with the Institute of Marketing Management. In conjunction with WSI, MAZ in 2016 became the first institution to offer a Certificate in Digital Marketing Course. MAZ also offers in-house training options which are tailor made for a specific organisation.

Annual Continuous Professional Development (ACPD) Master Class

Initially known as the Marketers Winter School, ACPD is a three day program meant to equip marketing practitioners and related professionals with marketing skills of current trends in the marketing industry world-wide.  Participants of the ACDP, who desire to pursue the ZimChartered Status, are awarded the Marketing Practitioner status, once they meet the required program conditions.

ZimChartered Marketer Program

In 2013, The ZimChartered Marketer Program, a prestigious marketing chartered status was launched. With candidates joining through invitation, the key drive behind this program is to consolidate theory into practice through mentorship of a Small to Medium Enterprise for a period of one year. The programme has been endorsed by four local Universities in Zimbabwe which include the Institute of Marketing Management, IMM, Midlands State University, Bindura University of Science Education, Chinhoyi University of Technology and the National University of Science and Technology.

MAZ Events

MAZ holds two major Annual events meant to bring marketers together and gain insights on latest marketing trends. These are the Annual Marketers Convention which is an annual event is open to all marketers, regardless of their level, and their related professionals. During this event, Exceptional Marketing Awards are presented to the most outstanding marketing efforts for the year. MAZ also host the Superbrand Awards Ceremony which, celebrates brand excellence. For networking and career development, the association also hosts several events including, business conferences, seminars, breakfast meetings, luncheons, business dinners and golf tournaments.

Superbrand Concept

The Association is the brains behind the Superbrand concept is an international concept that has been adopted in Zimbabwe since 2009. It aims to identify brands that are performing above and beyond others within the market.  This concept identifies and pays tribute to exceptional brands by recognizing, rewarding, and reinforcing leading brands, be they local or international brands it also gives ordinary customers an insight into the significant brands that touch their lives.


The ZimMarketer is a quarterly magazine which was first published in 2011 and is the official mouthpiece of the association. It publishes marketing matters, industry news and latest trends in business. MAZ also publishes the Superbrand Report which is an annual report which gives an overview of the Superbrand process of that particular year. MAZ also publishes a monthly newsletter called Business Insights.

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