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Building your personal brand – May Marketers’ Social

Building your personal brand – May Marketers’ Social


Your personal brand is what separates you from everyone else in the world. The first step to creating your personal brand is to organize your thoughts and create your personal brand vision. This is the way you want yourself to be perceived by others and also how you want to live your professional and personal life. These are similar sentiments to those presented by Tariro Makanga, Head of Media, Marketing and Public Relations for SAFAIDS, who was a guest speaker at the Marketers Social held on the 19th of May. Tariro stressed the need for authenticity and remaining true to one’s brand. She added that the key is to be open to criticism so that we grow. She further highlighted that one should be an authority of their own brand and have a distinct voice when it comes to issues of that concern their brand.

Also on the panel of speakers was Takunda Timbe of Muvingi and Mugadza Legal Practitioners who spoke on Intellectual Property Rights. Some of the things discussed were stemmed from an article that was published in the law firm’s quarterly newsletter, which reads as follows: “Most of the other forms of intellectual property such as patents, trademarks and industrial designs among others, require registration for such protection to be recognised in terms of the law. On the ground the picture is dark. Zimbabwe has recently become a breeding ground for all forms of knowledge piracy one can imagine; from trademark infringements, copyright piracy, counterfeiting, passing off, free riding and trademark dilutions. A recent survey, more specifically the BSA Global survey named Zimbabwe as the leading country in software piracy in the world, with the country losing an estimated six million united stated dollars per year since 2003. The same story resonates with counterfeited products being passed off as originals.”

Marketers’ Socials are held in order to encourage networking and the sharing of ideas amongst marketers or those in related professions. For more information on future socials contact


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