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Prepare for the Annual Marketers’ Winter School 2017

Most professionals make resolutions at the beginning of each year to enhance their careers by either taking up further studies or learning a new skill. As such many enquiries pour in with regards to the Annual Marketers Winter School.  This year, it will held from 14 – 17th of June in Victoria Falls. This is an intensive training program which is meant to equip marketers with skills and knowledge that will transform their various organisations in the long run.

The first class of the Winter School is for marketers aspiring to become Marketing Practitioners. Previous topics for the first class included Strategic Marketing Planning, Dynamics of Promotional Strategy and Transitioning into insight driven experiences. For 2017, a new program with new topics and fresh speakers will be facilitating at the Winter School.

After completing the Marketing Practitioner stage one can then pursue the ZimChartered Marketer program in the following year, provided they attend a Continuous Professional Development Master class session offered at the Winter School as well. The Continuous Professional Development Master class will be open to all marketers, who have either done or not done the Marketing Practitioner status qualification. The aim of this session is to still equip marketers with topical marketing issues that are of relevance to their day to day session

Marketers will be expected to share learning experiences, and demonstrate how they will apply the sessions taught in their day to day activities. Zim Chartered Marketers who attend the session, will be awarded points for them to maintain their status

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