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From Marketers to empowered professionals

MAZ has recently started a student mentorship program.  MAZ has realized that not much is done in terms of empowering our students in the universities and this initiative will recognize students and try assisting them in becoming professionals of tomorrow.  Marketers to Empowered Professional (MAR.T.E.P.) is an online mentoring program where mentees and mentors will communicate to address a short or long-term goal via e-mail, phone, text, or Facebook or any other communication channel that is suitable to both parties. Mentees and mentors will have the option of making arrangements to meet face-to-face when possible.

In this regard I would like to invite you to sign up to this Student Mentorship Program by becoming mentors. By becoming a mentor you will get the following benefits amongst others:

  • Exposure to the emerging talent pool
  • Ongoing attention to mentor's own career development
  • Satisfaction from imparting wisdom and experience to others in the profession without a huge time commitment
  • Enhancement of coaching, mentoring, leadership, and management skills

Your support will be greatly appreciated by the Association and the students which you will mentor to become great. For the Student Mentorship Program and registration forms contact

MAZ Editor
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