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Bulawayo Business Breakfast Meeting a success

Marketers Association of Zimbabwe held a breakfast meeting in Bulawayo on the 9th of March 2017 at the Holiday Inn, with two guest speakers presenting on the topic “The new normal market leadership and market volatility, and both speakers presentations were based on the acronym VUCA which defines VOLATILITY, UNCERTANINTY, COMPLEXITY and AMBIGUITY of an environment.

The Regional Executive of National Foods, Phawulani Ngwenya cited that it was crucial for marketing professionals to understand the key stakeholders and to involve the entire value chain because Volatility is about warfare, a fight for market leadership.  “Being a market leader is no longer a battle between two corporates fighting for market share or a valuable object. It involves the entire value chain and entire supporting ecosystems which includes suppliers, bankers, advisors and other valuable stakeholders. He also mentioned that market responsiveness and discovery was required to be a market leader. Other attributes he mentioned were; being a fast follower, reviving the growth model, building growth equity, customer value and value pool migration. He also highlighted that in the light of the volatile, uncertain complex and ambiguous environment there was no room for dead brands and incompetent workforce.

Head of Marketing PR and Communications for MBCA, Dedrey Mutimutema spoke of the need to have strategies for the VUCA environment, which she highlighted as the following:

You need to raise the voice of the customer through

  • Market Research – Gathering insights regarding preferences
  • Foresight and Leadership
  • Relentless market scanning
  • Trend Analysis.
  • Customer Insight

Content Marketing

  • What’s your why- why do you create content does it have a real impact on your customers and prospects.
  • Is there a deeper purpose behind what you do?
  • We are still focused too focused on campaigns and talking about our products instead of truly driving customer value
  • Integrate your sales teams into your content strategy formulation and execution
  • Use interactive content- assessments, calculations, trainings and games.
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